When Is Tik Tok Shutting Down?

Over the last year, the Tik Tok fever has seemed to hit every individual, both young and old. However, with rumours flying around regarding the app’s closure, we are here to answer your queries. Keep on reading and find out when Tik Tok is shutting down.

TikTok is a web-based, social platform claimed by Bytedance on the advanced scene for diversion. It is a video application that permits you to make content while singing, dancing, and lip-synchronizing. At first, it was just famous among the young people, yet step by step it covered a wide range of age groups, and now it has 800 million dynamic clients around the world. However, recently there have been plenty of speculations regarding Tik Tok being banned. Is it true, and if so, when is TikTok shutting down? Keep on reading to find out.

Tik Tok Getting Banned?

Video-sharing social media and networking service TikTok surprised the web, giving clients a stage to grandstand their imagination through a 15 second short video. Outperforming well known stages like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube, the application turned into the most downloaded application in the US, back in September, 2018. And afterward, the rumours about TikTok breathing its last and closing down on October 26 (2018) spread quickly. Before long as the matter got heated, the application’s official Twitter handle declared they were not saying farewell and comprehensively dismissed the bits of rumours. TikTok’s prevalence story did not end there. As of late, a report by App Annie ranked TikTok at the seventh spot among the 10 most downloaded applications of the decade including names like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype and others. Cut to now, client inquiries about whether TikTok is closing down in 2020 have by and by started to surface. In any case, why now out of nowhere? All things considered, there ain’t any smoke without fire.

Is Tik Tok Shutting Down In Aus?

A ban on the popular Chinese video application TikTok is ‘unavoidable’ in Australia, an expert said, after US President Donald Trump declared he will close down the advanced stage over public security concerns. China is a world leader in information assortment, AI and facial acknowledgment programming. The notoriety of the web-based media application has driven knowledge offices across the world to turn out to be progressively worried about the dangers presented by the innovation.

One of Australia’s driving China experts, Professor Clive Hamilton disclosed to Daily Mail Australia the Communist Party utilizes the application to monitor any individual who condemns the authoritarian system. He fears that clients’ personal information is likely being shipped off Beijing. According to him, ‘Chinese authorities are already monitoring TikTok usage particularly for people who are of interest. That creates a real problem for freedom of expression and for the protection of intrusion from the Chinese State.’

The Australian Defense Force previously restricted its faculty from downloading the application on their phone recently and it currently shows that a sweeping ban will go right into it for all Australians. Moreover, Prof Hamilton also stated that: ‘I expect the Australian government to take a lot of interest in TikTok and the way the Chinese regime is using TikTok to monitor people in the west. I think it is only a matter of time before western governments realise the extent of surveillance that Beijing has undertaken through social media platforms including TikTok. I think the banning of TikTok is inevitable.’

Australian Federal MP and director of parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee, Andrew Hastie, said albeit the stage is primarily utilized by more youthful individuals it actually represents a significant danger to public security. ‘TikTok is largely used by teenagers but they’re our future leaders,’ he told the ABC. ‘They’re our future political, economic, cultural and military leaders and we need to protect their information long term. I certainly don’t want my children’s data going to a foreign country who might use it for nefarious purposes.’

It has been uncovered that Australian government is planning to hold an investigation into Chinese social media applications including TikTok, Wechat and Weibo, in the coming weeks. The test is to be driven by Australian security organizations and further details would not be unveiled, the Sydney Morning Herald revealed.

When some information about TikTok was received, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that individuals should have been aware of where their information was going. ‘We are always very mindful of those risks and we are always monitoring them very, very closely,’ he disclosed to 3AW radio. ‘In the event that we consider there is a need to make a further move than we are taking now, at that point I can disclose to you we will not be shy about it.’ Although applications like Wechat and Weibo are generally utilized by Chinese diaspora, TikTok has become a certified worldwide marvel.


While the online media goliath just dispatched its Australian central command a month ago, individuals from parliament have been requiring the application to be prohibited because of concerns Chinese government could get user information. The Indian government has just prohibited Chinese social stages, naming them a ‘danger to sovereignty and respectability’. TikTok asks clients for admittance to their telephone’s camera, microphone contact list and location when they join. In any case, TikTok wildly denies any close to home information is set to the Chinese Government. ‘Do not make TikTok a political football,’ the organization wrote in full page ads distributed in significant Australian papers as of late.

The advert says the famous video stage is one of Australia’s most cherished applications and that it’s fun, protected and autonomous. ‘Australia’s information has consistently been secure with us. We’re centered around your security consistently,’ the promotion peruses. The mission comes days after the organization’s Australian senior supervisor Lee Hunter sent a letter to government MPs in an offer to mitigate worries about the application’s association with China. ‘Contrary to some claims, we are not aligned with any government, political party or ideology. We are a privately owned company, and TikTok is focused on enabling people to make and share creative and fun videos,’ the letter read.

Restricting TikTok in Australia certainly would not be direct. The government could demand the application’s expulsion from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, however they could just do this for Aussie districts. That implies Australian clients could download the application from another district’s store or through an outsider source. Besides, information that has just been given over would remain put away. The application has just been restricted from gadgets utilized by the Australian Defense Department.

Tik Tok Banned In India

Following the brief application boycott dated June 29, 2020, the government of India has given a notification to TikTok on the permanent ban of the application in the country. Alongside TikTok, the government has given a similar permanent ban notice to 177 Chinese applications which were prohibited before, says sources. Alternatively, one of the restricted Chinese applications has been unblocked.

As per the statement shared by Tiktok, the organization is assessing the notification. “We are evaluating the notice and will respond to it as appropriate. TikTok was among the first companies to comply with the Government of India directive issued on June 29, 2020. We continually strive to comply with local laws and regulations and do our best to address any concerns the government may have. Ensuring the privacy and security of all our users remains to be our topmost priority,” says a TikTok representative.

Between June to December 2020, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeiTY), Government of India had given different request under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act forbidding 220 Chinese applications altogether including famous applications and games, for example, TikTok, WeChat, PUBG Mobile, Shareit, UC Browser, AliSuppliers, Alibaba Workbench, AliExpress, Lalamove India, CamCard to give some examples. As per the government, the move was made dependent on the sources of info with respect to these applications for participating in exercises which are biased to sovereignty and integrity of India, safeguard of India, the security of the state and public order.

As the government of India focused on securing the interests of residents and power and uprightness of India on all fronts, it will find a way to guarantee the equivalent, expresses the press explanation given by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. In any case, it is likewise accepted that as the line increased among India and China a year ago, the government before long moved to ban select Chinese applications referring to reasons, for example, power and honesty of India. This choice to ban famous Chinese applications repeated the government’s stand that animosity on the border would not go on without serious consequences.

The boycott of Chinese applications throughout the most recent couple of months have seen an abrupt flood in the local applications across classifications including efficiency, games and amusement. This is additionally considered as an essential move to lift and assemble a solid Indian application environment. For this, the public authority had presented AatmaNirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge in July a year ago, which got nearly 7,000 sections from individual application engineers and organizations from everywhere in the nation including distant and humble communities also.

US Army has banned TikTok

Some time into the entire ordeal, it became visible that the US Navy had banned TikTok from the official cell phones, considering it a cybersecurity threat. After an examination by the US knowledge authorities, a month ago (Dec, 2019), the military at first prompted troopers not to utilize the application, following which they disallowed the same. According to reports, armed force representative Lt. Col. Robin Ochoa shared the application “is viewed as a cyber threat” and will not be permitted “on government phones.” Meaning, utilizing the application on personal phones should not be an issue for the military faculty.

Unintentionally, since the time the report about the application’s boycott by the US armed force became exposed, questions about ‘Tik Tok closing down without a doubt’ started to populate. However, as should be obvious, there’s no authority affirmation about the application’s conclusion at this point. The authority channels or online media handles of the application haven’t yet spoken about or tended to the freshest closure bits of gossip like the manner in which they tended to them back in 2018. Thinking of the application’s popularity, we question if it will be disappearing at any point in the near future. Until TikTok formally affirms the closure rumours, it is protected to accept that the mainstream Chinese online media application is not going anywhere.

Why is TikTok getting banned?

It is clear at this point that TikTok is not closing down and you can appreciate recordings all you like. Nonetheless, the public authority of different nations is forcing a prohibition on TikTok, because of information security worries among different reasons. That is from where the bits of rumour about TikTok Global Shut began to spread like a fire. Following are a few occurrences which may be the reason for these rumours.

With the developing ubiquity, TikTok turned into a matter of worry to the US Navy because of online protection reasons, the US naval force coordinated the Navy/Marine Corps Intranet to uninstall the application from their electronic gadgets which were official. This move was absolutely made for security reasons which have nothing to do with the overall population or closing down of the application.

On 29 June 2020, Tik Tok was totally prohibited from India by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Indonesia and Bangladesh have likewise prohibited it, alluding to worries with sexual entertainment. The main purpose behind the bits of rumour is the new advancement among Trump and TikTok. As TikTok is claimed by a Chinese organization known as ByteDance, the Trump government got incredulous about the application and endeavored to ban it. Additional data about the case is given beneath.

Reasons Why TikTok Can Not Be Shut Down:

TikTok is an exceptionally productive platform, both for its clients and supplier. It produced a huge income in 2019 of $176.9 million, which is a significant motivation behind why this application is not going anywhere at any point in the near future. It has a humongous crowd backing of more than 800 million active users that are constantly rising; the majority of which are content creators and make money out of this stage.

The organization utilizes profoundly kept servers for its huge crowd with the goal that the application works easily because of which the prevalence of the application is on the ascent. Also, in light of its bigger crowd, it has become a center point for employment as well. Its parent organization has a turnover of around $17 billion which leaves an exceptionally amazing financial position.

Albeit these are the purposes behind Shutting Down, there can in any case be a decision to ban, as evident in numerous other countries.

President Trump Vs TikTok Global

Everything began when the Trump organization blamed the organization for releasing its U.S client’s data to the Chinese government. President Donald Trump expressed that because of protection concerns and the public security danger to the United States, he is restricting the application.

Moreover, by utilizing crisis monetary forces, Trump marked the presidential request on August 6 which was to become effective inside 45 days. To which TikTok documented a directive testing the chief request from the trade office. In any case, U.S District Judge Carl Nichols excused the thought on December 7.

Through the trade office, U.S President Trump reliably recorded an allure, in any event, going similar to gathering cases from different districts. Thus, the battle wasn’t restricted to Washington D.C any longer however spreading across the U.S. The Pennsylvanian case was another such occurrence.

Nonetheless, Federal Judge Wendy Beetlestone denied the fundamental directive before the thought could push ahead. The public authority advisory group on unfamiliar ventures likewise assumed a part to pass the request as TikTok recorded its order.

In the midst of all the turmoil in September 2020, Microsoft was set to dominate and endeavored to make an arrangement to purchase TikTok’s U.S tasks. It was in a decent offer of making it a US-claimed stage. Hence, finishing all the debates. Notwithstanding, Bytedance dismissed the arrangement. Oracle and Walmart proposed an alternate arrangement for TikTok’s u.s. Accordingly, they turned into a piece of the mainstream application.

The business division said that Trump’s presidential orders would not be essential. Moreover, the Commerce Department said that to evade future confusions with respect to the application in the US, they will forestall its download. Basically, it prompted the ban of TikTok in the US. Nonetheless, with Joe Biden as the president after the elections, things may change.

Why Is Trump Banning Tik Tok?

The executive orders contend TikTok ought to be prohibited from the U.S. market because of public security concerns. However on a superficial level neither seem to address customary issues of public security, for example, admittance to characterized data on weapons or knowledge frameworks. All things considered, the worry is basically around information security and information protection. TikTok is a long range interpersonal communication application for sharing short user-produced video cuts, famous especially among young people, with an expected 100 million users in the U.S. also, a lot more around the globe. Like other person to person communication applications, TikTok gathers broad information on their clients, and the central American concern gives off an impression of being that the Chinese government will actually want to get to this information and conceivably influence it for secret activities or coercion. U.S. authorities additionally stress the application censors political discourse and could be utilized to spread falsehood.

In the background there are a few more extensive inspirations probably additionally adding to American activity against TikTok and WeChat. The move is a critical heightening in continuous innovation strains between the U.S. also, China, expanding on prior U.S. activity against equipment organizations, for example, Huawei and ZTE. It likewise mirrors a few authorities’ craving for more noteworthy correspondence in the U.S – China relationship, given that numerous U.S. innovation organizations can’t work uninhibitedly in China.

How Much Did Oracle Buy Tik Tok For?

US President Donald Trump said on Saturday he upheld an arrangement on a fundamental level with big business firm Oracle Corp that would permit ByteDance’s worldwide short video hit TikTok to keep on working in the United States – moving in an opposite direction from a prior request that the Chinese firm should strip the application.

TikTok will be possessed by another organization called TikTok Global and be settled in the US, perhaps in Texas, Trump said. Oracle will take a 12.5 percent stake in TikTok Global and store all its US client information on its cloud to agree with US public security necessities, the organizations said. Retail monster Walmart said it would take a 7.5 percent stake in TikTok Global. ByteDance will stay a dominant part investor.

Beijing-based ByteDance is looking for a valuation of US $60 billion for TikTok as Oracle and Walmart take stakes to address US public security worries, as per a Bloomberg report, referring to an individual acquainted with the matter.

The last valuation hosts not been set as the gatherings keep on working out the value construction and measures for information security, Bloomberg referred to the individual as saying. Beijing additionally still can’t seem to endorse the arrangement, however controllers are said to support any exchange where ByteDance keeps up control of its suggestion calculations and other restrictive innovation.

Oracle affirmed on September 14 that it had concurred with an arrangement with TikTok that would see it become a “trusted technology partner”. Microsoft said a day prior to that Bytedance had dismissed its offer. Trump told journalists on September 19 that he had given the arrangement his “approval”, and said, without giving subtleties, that the arrangement would see Oracle and Walmart take “the entirety of the control”. “If they complete it that is incredible, if they do not that is fine as well,” he said.


Is Tik Tok Closing Down In 2021?

No, TikTok is not shutting down in 2021. There has not been any authority proclamation made with respect to the TikTok organization. In spite of the fact that, there were a few episodes referenced over that brought forth such rumours. You can openly make the most of its administrations except if you are in the United States or other comparable areas where TikTok is prohibited.

TikTok Wins Second Injunction That Prevents U.S. Shutdown

A government judge in Washington, D.C., conceded a directive on Monday that will hinder the Trump organization from closing down TikTok. There are currently two orders keeping the organization from debilitating the well known short-structure video administration. An adjudicator in Philadelphia requested a comparative order on Oct. 30, because of a suit brought by three TikTok makers.

The Trump organization has been attempting to shade the application since August, when President Trump proclaimed that that its connections to China represent a public security hazard, and that the application could be utilized to spread Chinese promulgation. The Commerce Department gave a request in September that would have impeded new downloads of the application. Another arrangement of orders, at first set to produce results in November, would have banished facilitating administrations and others from supporting the application, which would have incapacitated it for existing clients.

TikTok sued, and U.S. Locale Judge Carl Nichols allowed an order that forestalled the download restriction from producing results. In the most recent decision, Nichols likewise charged requirement of the leftover arrangements. In the decision, Nichols found that TikTok had demonstrated it would endure unsalvageable mischief if the request were permitted to produce results.

As per Nichols, “Functionally shutting down TikTok in the United States would, of course, have the immediate and direct effect of driving all existing and potential users to alternative platforms and eroding TikTok’s competitive position. “In fact, TikTok has proffered unrebutted evidence that uncertainty in TikTok’s future availability has already driven, and will continue to drive, content creators and fans to other platforms.”

The Commerce Secretary summoned a 1977 law, the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, in trying to close down TikTok. However, the adjudicator noticed that the law does not give the government the power to direct personal correspondence and communication. “Plaintiffs have established that the government likely exceeded IEEPA’s express limitations as part of an agency action that was arbitrary and capricious,” the judge wrote.

The government has just advanced the decision in the Philadelphia case. The Trump organization has additionally looked to compel TikTok’s parent, ByteDance, to strip the organization. ByteDance struck an arrangement to strip the organization to an element with Walmart and Oracle by holding a 20% stake. Yet, the arrangement stays in an in-between state, and TikTok has likewise gone to court to attempt to hinder the government’s divestment request.


It was the most downloaded application in the US in 2018 and the world’s fourth most downloaded application in 2018, in front of Instagram and Snapchat. Most youngsters utilize the application to film themselves lip-matching up to outline hits. It offers clients a pile of vivid alteration and altering devices including overlaying music, sound, vivified stickers, channels and increased reality (AR) for making short recordings. The Beijing based interpersonal organization has in excess of 500 million dynamic clients and the organization is currently worth more than $75 billion (£58 billion). The impact of TikTok’s boycott is obvious yet there are numerous different organizations dealing with bringing their applications for recordings. Accordingly, in the event that you try to utilize something comparative, it’s smarter to locate another option. In any case, in case you’re not from the previously mentioned organizations, you can proceed to appreciate the mainstream application. Keep in mind, you can’t utilize it on the program as it does not uphold HTML 5 recordings.

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