Content Creator John Jackson Shares the Most Interesting Facts about His Wine Collection

Buying your first-ever wine bottle and showcasing it as a valuable item can be exciting. Wine collectors gather the world’s best bottles with exquisite tastes and flavors. John Jackson, DipWSET is one of those wine collectors who loves collecting wines and reviewing them. He is a social media influencer and an attorney who has extensive experience with wine tasting.

John’s wine collection has appealed to many eyes as he showcases it on his YouTube channel, Attorney Somm. John has collected many unique wines from different wineries around the world in his cellar. John has traveled personally to more than 40 wine-producing regions around the world to learn more about wine by meeting with wine producers, learning about their production methods and tasting their wines.


His insights on wine pairings and bottle reviews on Instagram (@AttorneySomm), as well as his well-written captions and top-notch photography skills quickly attracted more than 17,000 followers. The exciting content by John has enabled many of his followers to decide what wine is best for certain occasions in their lives.

With many years of experience, influencer John shares various facts about his wine collection that might interest you.

Wine for Personal Use

Unlike other social media influencers who promote wine collection as a part of their promotion strategy to increase value and gain profit of their wines to sell, John began his wine collection for personal use.

He is an accomplished attorney and partner with a large law firm. As a successful attorney, John has been fortunate to collect and taste some of the most rare and expensive wines in the world.

Personal development with Wine Tasting

The attractive wine collection of Attorney Somm is the result of years of travel and tasting. John worked on personal development with wine tasting as he has visited hundreds of wineries in more than 40 wine producing regions and numerous countries around the world.


Wine collecting can be something that is enjoyed by wine enthusiasts with a wide variety of budgets.  On his YouTube channel, John helps to educate wine collectors and potential wine collectors by revealing how he budgets for wine purchases as well as by explaining how he uses  software to help manage and organize his collection.

Aging the Wines

John is particularly fond of aged wine and also helps teach people about the importance of opening each wine at the correct time in its development.


By recognizing his time horizon, he was able to pick out aged wines for shorter times and young wines to keep for years. This has increased the worth of his bottles and enriched the collection in his cellar.

By thinking smart and investing in the right bottles, John is now educating his experience on wine collection to his followers on Instagram and YouTube.