Ex-US Air Force officer continues to challenge the norm with innovative business solutions

Online entrepreneur and investor, Kevin Thobias, continues in his pursuit of making a difference with his amazing revolutionary business solutions

Kevin Thobi as is an online business owner that ventured into e-commerce after serving in the military for 4 years. The trader, investor, and revolutionary entrepreneur and has gone ahead to make a difference in the business world by not only achieving success as a businessman but also helping others to achieve their goals.


Achieving Success

Kevin attributes his success to honesty and straightforwardness, while also admitting the place of luck in all his achievements over the years. Starting as an e-commerce business owner, Kevin is the founder of Thobias Capital, LLC. and has been able to grow his business in a relatively short while. He has also been able to divest along the line by investing in groundbreaking ideas. He is currently in the process of building custom trading software that makes automatic trades based on current events, news, and a variety of proprietary features.

Helping Others

Thobias Capital, LLC. has been described as not just a business but a platform to provide innovative solutions to make living easier. The company offers high-quality products to consumers across several online platforms, such as Amazon, Shopify, and Kevin and his team at the company push the barriers for innovation and to create new competition, ultimately challenging the status quo to create better lives.

Making a difference

Kevin has described his motivation as the desire to leave a legacy and knowing that his company is positively impacting the lives of others. In a similar vein, Kevin Thobias plans to run for governor of Puerto Rico in the future, to improve the infrastructure and the lives of all Puerto Ricans. Undoubtedly, his wealth of experience and knowledge as a business person will help reduce the high unemployment rate in Puerto Rico.


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