Social Media Influencer Eric Castellano Is on a Mission to Educate People

In the digital era, social media influence attracts a large audience. These platforms are used to grow, thrive, and educate people around the world. Eric Castellano (@amazon_lit) is a social media influencer on Instagram with 80k followers. He provides coaching to people who are striving to become successful. As a mentor, Eric has always inspired young people to face challenges in life. He believes that people should learn through experience and hard work to make life worth living. You can only be passionate about life if you achieve it through your efforts.

Eric started his business as a youthful adolescent with a couple of bucks in his pocket. His sharp observational and logical abilities motivated him to pursue his career in the Amazon

business as an online seller. Although he initially suffered from many failures, it did not stop him from trying again. His initial years of building a company were harsh as Eric spent his twenties sleeping on his friends’ couches. He considers his disappointments to be part of his success since he acquired a comprehension of sympathy and compassion that is significant when you manage a business. Eric is a solid adherent to self-awareness and keeping a balance in life to be successful. 

Eric is born to be a mentor because he uses simple language to explain complex concepts to a layman, and this is why he is an inspiration to the new generation. He has achieved so much that now he aims to educate others about it. Eric has launched the EsellersRI program to help new sellers to increase their Amazon sales through various strategies and models. He maintains healthy habits and a positive mindset to lead his business in the right direction. He has been given a Two Comma Club Award from ClickFunnels for his high achievements. 

Eric has mentored 2,000 Amazon sellers to increase their business revenue and help them expand on the international level. He aims to educate 20,000 people through his mentorship program. He has been working in the field of the e-commerce industry for 15 years and it is time for him to give away his knowledge to others like him. 

As a social media influencer, Eric aims to help those who need to know about life. He is the best person from whom people can learn lessons and apply them in their lives as well. He has also released a live event called Business Growth Hacks Live that aims to educate people by inviting successful entrepreneurs to talk about various topics ranging from Amazon to real estate

and much more. Eric is positive that through his contribution, potential businesses can grow in revenue and reach new heights in the market. 

His Instagram account is solely for the purpose of giving hope and leading people towards success. Through his authentic content on YouTube, Eric aims to acquire a bigger audience on an international scale to educate young people.