Lessons Learned From An Exclusive Interview With The Founders Of Business With The Beckums

Vernell and Veronica Beckum are the founders of Business with The Beckums, a manifold company with a couple of ventures that operate off values of business, family, and finance.

The brand aims to get industry leaders/business owners on the same page and help them build a game plan for the future.”

In an interview with Vernell and Veronica Beckum a couple of weeks ago, they shared some of the obstacles they faced on their journey to the top. How they overcame them, and some words of advice to anyone striving for success.


On Challenges faced: 

Everyone faces challenges, what matters most is how you handle it. 

One of the major challenges Vernell and Veronica faced was figuring out exactly what they wanted for the brand, and the sort of audience they wanted to cater to. 


It was tough because these decisions were the core components of their business. They needed to figure out the right message to pass across and ensure that they were able to create an aura of trust around the brand. 

To overcome this challenge, they focused their energy on creating core values. 

“If you want it bad enough, you will put in the hard work to design the life you want to live”

This was the mentality they had while overcoming the challenge before them.


Warding Off Stress

Stress is necessary on the way to achieving greatness especially when high risk and revolutionary changes are at stake.

To avoid stress and burnout, Vernell and Veronica Beckum believe in proper role implementation and routines. Inside Habitual Activity, sanity and organization can be found. Having strict patterns help ensure that time management is of the utmost importance. It’s in that management that responsibilities and decisions get accomplished.” 


Attaining success:

We all want to achieve success. It’s our ultimate goal. But how do we go about doing it? 

Well, Vernell and Veronica have outlined the steps for us.

Create a well-defined goal: set well thought out and clearly defined goals and make them time-bound. This ensures high productivity and efficiency. The goals could be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. 

Take Risks:  You’ve to understand that no matter how well-calculated risks are, there’s always a chance of failure. However, this shouldn’t stop you from taking risks. Remember that risks have their own rewards. 

Never stop working towards your goal: No matter how hard it may seem, never give up. Adequately envision and examine your goals and keep working towards them. 


Achieving Growth:

To achieve growth, you need to possess a number of positive attributes. Vernell and Veronica Beckum outline the following attributes as a must-have. 

They believe that you must possess the following; perseverance, proper work habits, openness, and self-reward. 

Apart from those, Vernell and Veronica Beckum also believe that you must possess the ability to maintain consistency even in the face of no results because the breakthrough you seek might just be around the corner. 

But that’s not all they had to say…

On executing tasks,

you should avoid giving excuses and instead focus your energy on delivering results. Focus on doing the difficult and most important things first, this ensures that the best part of yourself is expended on intense tasks. 

Also, you should learn to treat yourself when you achieve a goal. Give yourself a kind of incentive to ensure that you keep working harder. 

And finally, surround yourself with honest people. You’re going to need them!

Do this, and you’ll achieve exponential growth.


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