How Nani Bernal is Inspiring People From All Over the World

We all have our own history. Our life is like a book in which we gradually add pages full of different stories; some are happy, some sad, some desperate. And we go through life focusing on our story without realizing that every one around us is writing their own book as well.


Few stories are as impressive as Nani Bernal’s. From her childhood, her life was filled with sadness. She went through a series of unfortunate events that many others would not have been able to handle. But despite everything she had lived through and all the negative experiences in her life, there was an inner flame that refused to be extinguished. A flame that kept on calling, driving her to discover her main purpose in life.

Gradually, each one of those experiences shaped the Nani Bernal that we know today. We could say that her life has been like a puzzle, where each piece has been fundamental and essential to complete the final picture. Without even realizing it, her life began to move from place to place and from one event to another. Everything happened at the right time and the right place. The final result was a woman with a strong, determined and persistent personality that distinguishes her.

Nowadays, Nani Bernal has accepted her mission in life. And when we say that she has accepted it, it is because we know that since she was a child she knew exactly what her mission was in life. The desire to help and have a positive impact on other people’s lives was always in her mind. She was always mindful of her mother’s advice that no matter what she did, she would always be the best at it. Do you want to know how Nani Bernal is inspiring people from all over the world?

Without a doubt, her story is worth telling. A story that serves as an inspiration for many other people who find themselves in similar and unfortunate situations and have not been able to find a way out. Many will wonder how such a story is possible? The answer can be found in Nani Bernal herself. She is the indicator that anything is possible. She has managed to turn her life around and is determined to help others do so as well.

Through her company InPower Accountability Group LLC, Nani has managed to impact hundreds of lives around the world by making them see the potential that each of them has within them. Her greatest motivation is to help each of them change their lives the way she did. She currently hosts a Virtual Mastermind Community where she holds people accountable and provides them with the proper resources they need in order to get to the next level of their lives.


Her life is an example of self-improvement that proves that no misfortune is strong enough to defeat you, but rather, every event must become motivation that will help you grow as a human being and forge a persevering and entrepreneurial personality. Every negative event should be used as a step to move forward in your life. We all know that life is not always going to be easy. But she wants us to learn from her experience that sometimes we cannot force things to go our way. That’s why her favorite quote is “it’s not how you start, but how you finish.”

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