How Lexi Vazquez is Helping Businesses Reach Their Full Potential with HP Technology

Lexi Vazquez is the Number 1 Sales Rep. in Florida and closed out the year earning 1.2 million dollars in sales. She is undoubtedly an industry leader in her niche.

Some of Lexi’s achievements include being a homeowner at just 20 years old, landing a 100,000 dollar deal in multifunction printers at the age of 19, and being the top sales rep. in Florida in 2019. Out of all these successes, Lexi remains humble and ready to serve enterprises who need the latest technology and equipment to succeed.

Here’s how Lexi Vazquez is helping businesses reach their full potential with HP technology.

Growing Up Tough and Independent

As a child, Lexi had experienced unimaginable challenges, including having seizures and coming from a not so typical home which fostered independence. At the age of 8, she was diagnosed with petite male seizures but eventually grew out of them. After she got her first concussion the grand male seizures never really went away, unfortunately.  


Most would give up, but Lexi didn’t. During her teenage years, she helped out at her father’s company at FastForward Digital Solutions doing admin and sales calls. This gave her invaluable experience in sales and interacting with people. Even there she had to endure a lot of rejection in selling but eventually, she got really good at it, and right before her father sold the company she closed out 945,000 dollars in sales.

Lexi also worked at Nike during the weekends while working with her father. This served as the background for what she was destined to do, sales and helping startups and local businesses reach their full potential via the newest HP products.

Lexi reflects that there were many reasons she could have used to give up, including her grand male seizures, age, and growing up in a tough family situation but she didn’t. Lexi continued to work hard and learn all she could about managing a business, making a sale, and finding a suitable solution for companies.

Effective Methods and Business Solutions

Lexi got the idea of helping businesses make use of the latest technology when she was working sales at her father’s company. She knew that modern solutions would be the key for startups and entrepreneurs to have the necessary tools they need to succeed.

Her daily routine was selling state-of-the-art equipment, especially VoIP phones, computers, printers, and other service components. Supplementing her knowledge was an education in Marketing, Management, Business, and handling the sales aspect of her father’s company.

Lexi realizes the value of helping businesses with HP technology and software that can make their jobs easier. Her expertise and experience from her formative years give Lexi the authority to know which products and CRMs will work best for a particular client. With it, companies will have an easier time setting up what they need to start selling products or services on the internet and locally.

The teaching point, Lexi says, is constantly improving and never giving up even when you’re faced with doubt and challenges all around. When working with clients, Lexi approaches each problem the same – keep finding the best HP technology, whether it be software, equipment, or devices to fill in a need. Effective business solutions aren’t restricted to current ones – Lexi makes sure her answers are innovative and cutting-edge, something that will last for years and get a lot of use.

The Personal Touch

Lexi Vazquez is not your typical businesswoman handling tech sales and software solutions. She has a personal touch and really connects with her clients to form the best solutions.

She has worked with 400+ business partners, from home businesses to large enterprises and global organizations. On all these fronts Lexi has done her job to ensure each product she sells is the best fit for them. The secret to an effective partnership is focusing on what they need within their respective industries.


She makes sure that all the bases are covered, namely in the customer support, hardware and software, and HP department. Her goal is to make each purchase leave a positive impact on every aspect of her clients’ businesses. Lexi believes that the formula to repeat referrals are long-lasting relationships where both sides have mutual respect for each other.

The Future

Lexi Vazquez is an industry leader who loves to share her success with others. Her future is bright and continues to grow brighter. She intends to teach, inspire, and mentor others who have the same drive to succeed and grow such as she does. Lexi is a living testament that early challenges can be overcome and it doesn’t matter where you come from, you can create your own path to success.