A Guide For Using Merch By Amazon As Aa Print-on-Demand Service

What is Merch by Amazon?

Amazon offers many options for aspiring businessmen to start their own online projects. The e-commerce service has all necessary industry tools and knowledge to give you the most advanced  options for running an online store. It also applies to print-on-demand services. Let’s take a closer look at all the nuances of such commerce under Merch by Amazon.

If you want to sell print-on-demand t-shirts on Amazon, one of the largest electronic trading platforms, then Merch by Amazon and this additional information will be your handy assistant in creating and posting your designer t-shirts on the website. This service will process and fulfill orders independently, and you will receive royalties from each sale.

How can I become a member?

First of all, you must be approved by Amazon

by filling out the appropriate registration form. It can take from 3 weeks to 3 months for your information to be verified. Then, simultaneously with approving your application, Amazon will ask for basic information to get you started. You will be assigned a level that will influences on the volume of your store sales. For example, all beginners are assigned a level 10 and can sell up to 10 t-shirts per month.

How to use Merch by Amazon

  1. Create a seller account. Free and professional accounts are available to users. The latter is suitable for sellers with a serious turnover and gives its owners some advantages in integrating their online store with a POD supplier, such as the Amazon marketplace web service.
  2. Creating design samples. It’s great if you know how to create stunning designs in Photoshop, Pixlr, or Gimp. You can also use templates from Amazon or other websites like Teedesigns, Design Shifu if for some reason you can’t or don’t want to create your own design. Be attentive to the quality of the design, because it should not distort after printing on fabric. Image requirements: printable area – 15 x 18 inches, recommended quality – 300dpi.
  3. Uploading samples and pricing. Your final step is to add items and set a price for each item. You can also integrate the new store into your own website and develop new samples using layout generators. When creating a product description, make sure you choose the right keywords to make your store easier to find.

That’s it!

All you have to do is devote enough time to developing your project. Create new design samples, try new styles and directions to attract new customers, and write comprehensive descriptions.

What happens next?

Your product will go into the product listing on Amazon. Once the user places the order, Amazon will process it themselves: print the t-shirt(s), package it, and ship it to the customer.

Some tips for the Amazon seller

While forming the right business strategy to develop your project, use useful tools like Merch Research and Google Trends. They will help you learn more about user queries, current and future global trends. This approach to market analysis will allow you to offer the most popular POD products and quickly increase profits.


You need to make sure that your products do not violate copyrights in terms of images. If you ignore this rule, your account will be blocked without warning when an unoriginal design is found.

Over time, you will become an experienced marketer and determine which target audience you are interested in working for and which additional tools to use. For example, integrating POD assistants like PodZa software will allow you to quickly manage your store, make changes to the design, create orders, send them to the vendor and get information about the ongoing deals.