My Instagram Account Was Deactivated: How Can I Get It Back?

An Instagram account can be worth years of memories and connections you wouldn’t like to lose. In this article, you will learn about the possible reasons your Instagram account was disabled, hacked, or Instagram deactivated my account. And how you can get it back.

Social media has become an essential part of our lives. So it’s no surprise that people give a lot of attention to how they present themselves on their social media profiles. People have begun to look at their social media accounts as assets they have invested in with their lives. People aspire to create an image to show through social media personas. Social media networks persuade their users to believe they have control over this aspect of their lives. So people prioritize their appearance on the internet as an essential part of their lives.

Hoping to connect with the world, social media users have found that social media has more to offer. It’s no longer only an activity for free time to distract yourself from your surroundings by diving into social media apps. It’s become the means of survival as the global economic structure in the digital age is based on social media’s influence on the world population. It goes far beyond an individual’s need for catharsis. We have submitted ourselves to a digital universe where we are shown what the algorithms want us to see, from scrolling through feeds to keep ourselves from getting bored. It is no surprise that people’s social media lives have become more critical than ever.

It can be genuinely distressing to lose the account you spent years using. All the memories you shared with your friends, family, and strangers. The comments on your posts over the years, the connections you had made. It’s almost like losing a part of your life. It’s a stark reminder that the illusion of control you had over this part of life was somewhat fragile. And what was a valuable platform of expression for you was – after all, only just another inconsiderable number for a social media giant. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube ultimately get to decide the fate of your account on these services.

Instagram is among the most popular social media networks globally. However, losing access to your Instagram account can be stressful. It’s one thing to lose connections you’ve built over the years. Still, losing years of memories saved in the photos and videos you shared can be heartbreaking. Moreover, it can be frustrating for business accounts to lose a profile because there is no way to contact Instagram and get a response immediately like a telephone helpline. And the thought of losing everything you’ve worked hard for slipping away can make the situation worse. Fortunately, many users who have tried to get their accounts back have reported successfully reactivating their disabled Instagram accounts or Instagram accounts deleted.  Recover deleted Instagram account is not possible, you have to create new account.

Social networks want more users, but they are mindful of their impact on mental health, giving users the option to temporarily or permanently deactivate their accounts. If your deactivated Instagram account was, don’t worry, there are possible reasons. This article will teach you how to get your account back online.

This article guide will help you recover your Instagram account, whether disabled, hacked or deactivated. It might take days or weeks to get your Instagram account back as Meta deals with such reports, appeals, and requests from users on a case-to-case basis and so you’ll have to be patient. It can be heartbreaking not to get your account back. It can discourage users from ever wanting to get back to using the app when they realize the time and effort they put into an account might mean nothing in the end. And how they will have no control over the situation. It’s especially infuriating when you aren’t sure why it happened.

Why my Instagram account was disabled?

An Instagram account may be disabled for several reasons. Previously, users had no warning to let them know their account was disabled. Recently, however, Instagram is becoming more considerate towards stressed users as such issues have increased dramatically. The infamous pop-up message informing users that their account had been disabled when they tried to log in has caused problems for many.

An account may be disabled for being fake, impersonator, scam, spammer, getting reported by many users, stealing content repeatedly, or violating Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. You’ll be informed of the situation through pop-up messages when trying to log in. Like “Your account has been disabled” or “We’re sorry, something went wrong,” or an error like “username not found.”

There are ways for you to get your Instagram account back. On the 18th of July in 2019, Instagram announced giving people opportunities to express reservations about such decisions made by Instagram. To do so, you can appeal if you think your account being disabled was a mistake, and you did nothing violating Instagram policies. You can do this through Instagram’s help center by submitting a report. Instagram’s auto-response will get back to you to require some more information from you.

Instagram does not specify reasons for disabling an account, and a user might keep wondering about the reasons. For example, Instagram might inform you that your account has been disabled for violating guidelines or terms. Still, there’ll be no explanations as to which guideline/s or term/s were broken in particular. So, to help you avoid getting your Instagram account disabled, we have explained the Community Guidelines and Terms of Use that you should know.

Instagram aims to be an authentic and safe platform for expression and inspiration. How can users foster that community? By posting only their content and by following the law constantly. Respecting others on Instagram, avoiding spamming people, or posting content that’s not safe for work, i.e., has nudity.  Mostly people think Instagram recover deleted account, this is not true.

Understanding Instagram Community Guidelines

Instagram reflects our diversity. It’s a community of various cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, and ages. As a result, they’ve spent a lot of time envisioning multiple aspects of creating an open, safe and entertaining environment for their users. To do so, Instagram has created Community Guidelines for its users to help foster and protect the incredible community on Instagram.

Instagram users agree to these guidelines and Instagram’s Terms of Use. Instagram takes these guidelines seriously and expects its users to do the same. Crossing these boundaries may have consequences like content being deleted, or worse, an account getting disabled, or various other restrictions. Instagram claims to allow posts for public awareness even if they go against their Community Guidelines, only if the content is in the public interest or newsworthy. They do so by weighing the public interest value against the risk of harm and look to international human rights standards to make such judgments.

Only share photos you own or have the license to use. Avoid posting content that is not yours, and you don’t have the right to use it. Understand that Instagram is a diverse community and post photos and videos accordingly. Be mindful that there are minors and vulnerable people in the community, so it’s best to post appropriately.

There is an ongoing debate regarding nudity for artistic or creative purposes. Still, for various reasons, Instagram does not allow nudity. It’s one of the significant reasons services like OnlyFans could have a chance to exist. Intentions matter to Instagram. So content that shows sexual intercourse, close-ups of completely naked buttocks, genitals, and female nipples are not allowed. However, content in the context of birth-giving, breastfeeding, after-birth, health-related scenarios (like breast cancer awareness, post-mastectomy, or gender confirmation surgery), or an act of protest is okay. Nudity in photos of sculptures and paintings is OK as well.

Instagram might sometimes remove photos showing naked or partially naked kids. Even though the parents or relatives uploading such pictures might not have malicious intentions, they can still be misused by people once it’s on the internet. In anticipation of the possibilities of such gross misconduct, Instagram tries to keep its users safe, especially when they’re not aware of the perils that come with using the internet. Instagram even has a page dedicated to providing tips to parents.

Instagram wants to ensure a community of genuine and meaningful interactions.
Help them stay spam-free by refraining from artificially collecting reactions to your posts or buying followers, being repetitive with posting content or comments, or repeatedly disturbing people for commercial reasons. Avoid trying to offer money or anything to gain engagement. Avoid engaging in or facilitating any fake and misleading activities.

Don’t try to mislead others in any way. Avoid pretending to be somebody you’re not (ouch!). It doesn’t mean you can’t fake your life, otherwise what good is Instagram. It means you shouldn’t try to misuse somebody else’s pictures without their permission and don’t impersonate somebody else. It’s essential to follow the law like you would in real life. Sitting behind a computer doesn’t give you immunity to disregard the law as if nobody can trace you. Don’t support terrorism, crime, or hate. Don’t offer sexual services, don’t buy, sell or deal in firearms, tobacco products, alcohol, and restricted drugs. Instagram prohibits the sale of live animals. Such deals between private individuals are restricted. However, businesses may offer these sales. Poaching or dealing of endangered species or their parts is also prohibited.

Always be mindful of the relevant laws while undertaking your operations through your Instagram account. Make sure to avoid indulging in anything illegal even if you do not violate any of Instagram’s Community Guidelines. You can face the consequences of what you share on social media as it becomes accessible to so many people through the platform. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to be aware of your actions and their implications. So make sure you thoroughly go through any policies specific to your field. For instance, if you post branded content, you must comply with Instagram’s Branded Content Policies, which requires you to use their branded content tool.

Instagram has zero-tolerance for sexual content that involves minors or threatens to share concerning images of others. Respect all the members of Instagram to help foster an open, diverse and safe community. Instagram removes content containing hate speech or serious threats, targets, harasses, blackmails, shames, or degrades an individual. Instagram generally allows conversations regarding people with large public audiences. Never encourage violence based on origins, ethnicity, race, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, disabilities, religion, or diseases. Intentions and contexts are critical. So if something violating Community Guidelines is being shared with the intent to raise awareness, it may be allowed. Still, you might be asked to express your intentions clearly.

Serious threats of any kind of harm are not allowed. Instagram carefully reviews such reports to determine if a threat is credible. Instagram encourages users to help Maintain a supportive environment and avoid glorifying self-harm. It cares for vulnerable people and those faced with extra challenges. It tries to keep Instagram a suitable environment for them. Encouraging self-injury is counter to such an environment of support, so Instagram removes such content and disables accounts if they are reported to them. They also remove content that identifies or targets victims or survivors of self-injury for malicious and insensitive reasons.

Instagram never allows sharing graphic images for sadistic reasons. Glorification of violence is not allowed. If you want to share news involving explicit photos, be sure to specify it with proper warnings to help people stay safe while scrolling. Different people from different age groups use the Service. So Instagram may remove content with intense graphic violence to ensure it remains safe and appropriate for users.

Instagram understands that people may share such content to educate, condemn, or raise awareness. Therefore, Instagram encourages you to caption your content with a proper warning if you share content for such reasons.

Instagram wants you to help keep the community strong. If you think something may violate Instagram’s guidelines, use the reporting options. They have a global team to review such reports and deal with them as soon as possible. Even if you don’t have an Instagram account, you can file a report. You just have to provide as much information as you can, like links, usernames, captions, so that Instagram may review them.

You may not like something on Instagram, but that’s your problem if it doesn’t violate any guidelines. You can simply block or unfollow the user. Also, Instagram users may resolve matters directly. However, suppose there are matters that the people involved can not resolve quickly, and something illegal may occur. In that case, Instagram may work with law enforcement to prevent the risk of harm to the public. For example, in case of copyright and trademark violation, you can file a complaint against the perpetrator to relevant authorities. However, avoid trying to take the law into your own hands and harassing anybody. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

So now that you know better, you might have an answer for why your Instagram disabled your account. If you still can’t remember doing anything that might have led to the suspension of your account, your profile might be compromised. It’s therefore essential to make sure your social media accounts are safe, and nobody can get access to them without you knowing. So keep reading this article to see what you can do if your account gets hacked.

Even if you are confident you didn’t deserve to lose your account, remember that Instagram does not owe its users any explanations. There can be various reasons for Instagram to do what it does, and you might disagree with them. Because Instagram tries to look at the bigger picture for themselves and billions of their users, there may be reasons you can’t fathom. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about it because it’s always going to be Zuckerberg’s opinion against yours.

In the wake of COVID-19, Instagram wants to ensure that their Community Guidelines protect people from any harm through the platform, especially the new types of abuse related to COVID-19. They’re working to remove content that may potentially contribute to real-world damage. The effort includes prohibiting coordination of harm, misinformation, hate speech, harassment, and bullying. They are willing to adapt to the situation and prepare for it hoping to keep members safe during the pandemic.

Instagram keeps updating its mechanisms from time to time. They’re not just any business, and a considerable part of the world depends on them in many ways. To ensure the system keeps running smoothly, Instagram makes necessary adjustments to avoid complications that may result from people questioning its lack of responsibility.

Instagram vs. you

Instagram can remove or restrict any content or information shared on the Service if they believe the Terms of Use and their policies (including Instagram Community Guidelines) are violated. However, Instagram is only a platform. And It certainly wouldn’t like to be held accountable for the behavior of billions of its users. So they will do anything that, according to them, “is reasonably necessary to avoid or mitigate adverse legal or regulatory impacts.”

Instagram aims to minimize liabilities for itself as a service. They’re not only connecting individuals but businesses as well. There are third-party apps involved, and there are transactions involved that Instagram doesn’t have any control over. It’s easy to scroll down and agree and hit “Yes, I agree” without realizing what you decide. But these agreements prepare businesses to reduce legal issues and deal with them.

Suppose there is a legal matter to be resolved. In that case, the country’s laws (where the concerned user resides) will be applicable as long as the claim is related to the Terms of use. Besides that, any claim must be resolved exclusively in the US District Court for the Northern District of California or a state court located in San Mateo County. Therefore, I doubt it will be fair play challenging Meta Platforms, Inc. In the court of law, you must remember that the company, in all probability, knows more about you and your life than you do. So they will not be reluctant to provide evidence against its user if they are required to do so by a court.

How to get your Instagram account back

You might not know why your Instagram account was disabled, but you’re reading this article because you want to get it back. And you can. Many people have. You need to put in the effort to get it back and hope for the best. Follow these steps to ensure doing your part the best you can and hope for good results.

​You’ll have to follow a few easy steps to submit an appeal to Instagram. First, remember that you’ll have to pass the appeal process to recover your Instagram account. The purpose of this appeal is to express your reservation against Instagram’s decision in the light that you did not do anything wrong. You can not say you won’t do it again and expect forgiveness.

Instagram Help Center

Instagram Help Center aims to help users in every possible way. For example, suppose you are confused about the service or have any Instagram-related queries you are trying to answer. In that case, you can browse through the different available sections. Or you can type your question in the search bar, and the screen will show you all the possible options that might interest you. Some choices lead you to guidelines and tips on how to use Instagram.

You can also contact Instagram to submit an appeal if your account is disabled. Here’s how to do that by following these simple steps when you access the Instagram Help Center:

  • Privacy, safety and security
  • Login and passwords
  • I Can’t Log In
  • Scroll down to Disabled account

Appealing on the Instagram app

If your Instagram account is disabled and you try to log in, you will see a Pop-up Error message that your account has been disabled. Under that message, there’s an option “Learn more. “

When you click on “Learn more,” you will get the “Appeal” option or “Request Review” option.

Then, follow onscreen instructions and appeal by submitting your details.

On Android

You can see “Get help signing in” below the Log In icon on the login screen.

  • Tap Get help signing in.
  • Enter the username, email, or phone number and tap Next
  • Then tap My login info isn’t working
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

On iOS (iPhone)

Open the Instagram login page and follow these steps:

  • Tap Forgot password
  • Tap My login info isn’t working
  • Follow the instructions

Make sure to enter the correct email address that you can access. Instagram will send you an email after you submit your report where you will have to provide the required information.

How to contact Instagram

Another way to submit appeals is through Instagram’s contact page. You’ll have to click Send and wait for your case to be reviewed. Avoid apologizing, as it implies you were at fault. You might be asked to provide identification for verification during the process.

If you don’t get the response you expected, you can repeat the appeal process. There’s no limit, so it depends on you if you want to keep trying until you get a moderator who might be lenient in your favor. Of course, if you haven’t deliberately broken any critical rules. It usually takes more than a few days to get a response. So be persistent, and you might eventually be fortunate to get your account back. This process requires a lot of patience on your part. So if you want to get back to using Instagram, you might as well create a new account and forget about this one if you can.

How to reactivate an Instagram account

How to reactivate Instagram account? Social media’s impacts on people’s lives are becoming more apparent with each passing day. And so, to deal with the new challenges that arise, social media platforms have begun to help their users in every way possible. Recently, Instagram introduced the option to “temporarily deactivate your account” to its users. If you need a break from social media, you can choose this option on a computer or a smartphone browser. (It’s not available on the app probably because Instagram feared a lot more users would begin using this option if it was that much easier).

You won’t lose your account when you choose this option; it will only make it look like your account has been deleted. And you can always get it back whenever you want to. It’s also straightforward to get your account back. All you have to do is log back in on any device. Your account will automatically be reactivated. It’s easier than you’d like. Suppose your account information is saved on a browser. In that case, you will end up logging back in and reactivating your account even if you click on a link that leads to Instagram. Instagram won’t even ask to confirm if you want to Instagram reactivate your account; they’d simply reactivate it. Then you won’t be allowed to “temporarily deactivate your account” until next week because Instagram will enable you to do so only once a week. If you were gone for too long, you might be required to agree to any new terms and conditions introduced during your absence.

How to get back hacked Instagram account

How to get back Instagram accounts are frequently targeted by hackers seeking access to private accounts. They might use your details and account for their gains and with utter disregard for your reputation and safety. When you doubt access to your account has been compromised, waste no time and act as soon as possible as you have no idea how the hacker might use your details. Hackers often try to sell Instagram accounts with a considerable number of followers. So take action to reduce the damages as soon as you can.

First, you should check if the email address associated with your Instagram account has been changed. It is common for hackers to gain control over your account. However, as soon as you get the email informing you of the change, you can immediately revert the change and take back control over your account.

But don’t worry yet If you can’t find the email, because there is still another option to deal with the problem before it’s too late. When you realize you can’t use your email address to access your Instagram account, you can request a login link sent to your phone number. Here’s how to do that: when you’re at the login screen, tap Get help signing in (on Android) or Forgot password? (on iOS). Then enter your phone number to receive the temporary login. Then follow the instructions from there to regain access to your account.

If this gets you your account back, immediately change your password and remember to revoke access given to any unreliable third-party apps.

You might notice some activity from your account, but don’t waste time dealing with anything that you can deal with later after you’ve secured your account. Once you know there’s nothing to worry about, you can take time to try and undo any damage the hacker might have done. You could also inform your followers that you weren’t using the account. Finally, you can still report the hacked account to get it back when everything fails. Follow these steps below to get back your Instagram account if it is hacked:

  1. On the login screen, tap Get help signing in (on Android) or Forgot Password? (on iOS).
  2. Enter your username, email address, or phone number and tap Next (Android only).
  3. Tap Need more help? And follow the on-screen instructions.

During this process, you will provide a photo of yourself holding a security code to verify your identity. To help minimize the risk of getting hacked again, make sure to turn on two-factor authentication.

What if an Instagram account is deleted

Suppose an Instagram account is deleted by you or someone with your login information. In that case, there is no way you can recover it. So be very careful with sharing your login information with others and avoid logging in to your account on unreliable devices. If you get an email informing you of suspicious activity, take immediate action by changing your password.

Although you can not get an Instagram account back if it’s deleted, you can create another using the same email address or phone number. You might not be able to use the same username, however. And there is no way you can recover any followers or images posted.

When an Instagram account is deleted, the Terms of use cease to apply, and hence your account is gone forever.

How to deactivate Instagram account

How to disable Instagram account: There are many ways to deactivate your Instagram account. It is really you choose – you can do it manually or you can use a service that will help you do it. There are several ways to deactivate your Instagram account, such as helping your Instagram account is deactivated, you will not see any new things, and you will be able to hide it from the public. You can also deactivate your Instagram account via email, sending the request is to Help us contact you directly. I hope you understand how to how to deactivate Instagram temporarily.


What can I do if my Instagram account has been disabled?

If you’re looking to buy Instagram accounts, you might wonder what to do when your Instagram account has been disabled. There are a few different possibilities here. If your account was suspended, then your follower base is likely to be smaller. If that’s the case, you could then go to Instagram and try to reset your account. However, this can be a tedious process that takes hours and involves a lot of difficult steps. In addition, you’re unlikely to get any help from Instagram should your account be disabled. I hope understand the term, how to recover a disabled Instagram account.

How to get back your Instagram account when it’s disabled, hacked, or deleted

For many of us, Instagram is a huge part of our online marketing strategy. It’s an important feature of the industry that gets nearly everyone involved in the online marketing space excited and motivated to learn more about how it works. When Instagram is disabled, hacked, or removed by Facebook, you’re out of luck. That being said, however, there are still strategies you can use to get Instagram back up and running.


Suppose you are lucky to get your Instagram back using any of these methods; great! But it is ultimately Instagram’s decision to make. Unfortunately, Suppose you have to make peace with losing your Instagram account. In that case, it can be excruciating if you’ve spent years on the account. If it was a business account, it’s hard to say goodbye to the following and connections formed over a timeline of years. If you create a new account using the same email address linked with the deleted account, it will not be the same. As a brand, your reputation may be tarnished if your customers or clients see you coming back with a new account. They may begin to question your credibility. Finally, suppose your account has been around for a long time and has amassed a considerable following. In that case, your followers may mistake your new account for being an impersonator.

It’s best to avoid getting in a situation like that, but it’s not the worst that can happen. If you have lost your account for good, let this be your Edward Norton in Fight Club moment. Remember, the things you own shouldn’t end up owning you, and it goes for your Instagram account as well. It’s only an account, and if it’s gone and you know it’d take significant time and effort to create an account and start anew, you’re likely to be worried or sad. But ask yourself if your worry or sadness will change anything because they’ll probably only make matters worse for you. You can’t change a final decision. No matter how much your account meant to you, once you know you’re never getting it back, it’s best to accept this and move on.

Suppose you decide to get back on Instagram. And wish to avoid facing a situation like this again. In that case, you can go through the Community Guidelines as explained in this article or head to Instagram Help Center.