Meet Ryan Razooky: A Young Entrepreneur with a Different Mindset about Basketball Training

Training over 250 players every week, Ryan Razooky is the leading Basketball Coach these days. He not only trains players to be better at basketball but also helps them in recognizing and reaching their ultimate potential. Starting from 40 players to training 250 individuals every week, Ryan provides training to all sorts of people. He not only trains NBA players

but also trains young elementary students. 

Starting at an age of 16, Ryan had a goal of providing players with the opportunities he never had and to take basketball coaching to a next level. Ryan had a different mindset from the beginning, and this unique mindset is one of the major reasons for his success. His passion for basketball coaching drove him into taking risks from an early age, he provided players with a unique and positive mindset. He had a simple motto of “Treating people right and giving them the strength and motivation to work their butt off”.

Ryan understood the game at an intellectual level, he started training his little brother and his team. By the time he reached 18, he was training players full-time. He took a big risky decision to buy his own basketball gym when he was just graduating. This step later proved to be a great decision and one of the reasons for success not only for Ryan

but for some great NBA players. The Basketball Gym not only provided Ryan with a platform to achieve his dreams of being a great trainer but also helped hundreds of individuals in achieving their dreams of getting NBA contracts and Scholarships.

Some of the great players that Ryan trained include Mark Ogden Jr,  Mikey Williams, Jahzare Jackson, and Bryce Griggs. Ryan has been an important part of their journey, starting from the beginning, pushing them to reach their maximum potential, and getting professional contracts at young ages. He also provided training to Jimmy Butler, a well-known basketball player. 

Ryan was so passionate even the 2021 pandemic didn’t stop him. He trained more than 3000 people online during the pandemic. He accumulated over 100 Million views on different social media platforms by pushing players and providing them with a positive mindset. Ryan’s clients are growing day by day and so is his team. Now, they are moving further and planning to acquire 1-2 more basketball gyms to cope up with the increasing strength.