Here’s How Raven Magwood, a Motivational Speaker, Is Providing People the Tools to Live Their Best Lives

Taking the time to care for yourself can sometimes be all it takes to reach your greatest potential. Taking a few minutes each day to meditate, journal, and create goals can make a huge difference. One such example is set by the talented and famous Raven Magwood, a filmmaker, author, and motivational speaker. Raven talks to us about her goals in life and tells us that her ultimate goal is to inspire people and to make them capable enough to live their lives to their fullest potential.

According to Raven, living a fulfilled and happy life is one of our greatest goals. It’s easy to idealize lifestyles that appear unattainable in the age of the internet, social media, and a highly digital society. You can feel as though you’ve lost contact with the things that bring you joy. Maintaining a successful business and social life while simultaneously maintaining your health and well-being can seem practically impossible. It might be difficult to figure out how to live life to its fullest potential.


To be honest, you have everything you need to live your best life. Simply adopting and incorporating some good behaviors into your life will help you embrace happiness and reach inner peace.

From a very young age, Raven had a very different perception of life. She was gifted with a talent to encourage and motivate people to recognize their hidden talents and passions which are deep-rooted in them.

At the age of 12, Raven had already published a book and received a standing ovation as the keynote speaker for Stedman Graham’s “Move Without The Ball” conference in Charlotte, NC. From a young age, Raven was clear on the career path she wanted to choose: to motivate and inspire people to reach success and goodness.

One such incident paved the way for self-recognition and deep realization for Raven Magwood. She explains that at the age of 12 she was invited to give the guest sermon at a church’s youth service. When the church service was over, a middle-aged man came up to her with tears in his eyes. He explained that he had tried to commit suicide three times in his life and he was previously planning to go home that day and try again. But he said after hearing a 12-year-old be so passionate about life and her purpose, he was inspired and he decided that he would never try to take his life again.


That moment was a fate changing moment for Raven, and she decided to hang on to this career for the rest of her life. Hence, she has proven to provide people with many effective mind tools to overcome whatever is stopping them from being the best version of themselves.