Carly and Maddie Biron, Young Trainers Promote ‘Fitness Is Not One Size Fits All’ with Their reforming Training Programs

One of the most crucial predicaments we face as a society is relating fitness to weight loss. When beauty, health, and success are defined by thinness, it results in unrealistic social standards. Magazines, television, and other forms of media have portrayed an idealized version of the beautiful and successful individual. The pressure to be thin in order to be socially acceptable can lead to extreme dieting, which can develop into eating problems. Breaking the norms of social standards, Carly and Maddie Biron started their fitness business called Built by Biron. The whole idea of Built by Biron is to promote that fitness is not one size fits all. Every individual has his own shape and size, and his health and fitness cannot be defined in relation to how much he weighs on the scale. 


Most gyms and fitness centers revolve around weight loss sessions, burning calories, but Built by Biron focuses on an individual’s overall mental and physical well-being. In the depressing times of the pandemic, when everything was shut down and people had no access to gyms and exercise equipment, Carly and Maddie Biron came into action and offered online exercise sessions where they were sharing exercise routines and videos for free. Their work received an overwhelming response, and later they started charging a nominal subscription fee for their sessions. 

With the decline in the COVID-19 and relaxation in the lockdown policies, Built by Biron now offers in-person personal and small group training sessions in a safe and comfortable environment. Former swimmers from UMass Amherst, Carly, and Maddie studied exercise sciences and incorporated their knowledge and experience about the body, injuries, and athletic expertise in their daily lessons, reaching all fitness levels.

The sisters from Framingham are competitive and determined to change the mindset of the fitness industry and shift the perspective from weight loss to a healthy mind and body. To achieve this goal, they have a fitness podcast named “Eat the Damn Cake.” The podcast discusses healthy habits and routines for people who want to develop exercise habits, focus on their fitness, and maintain their shape. They have an increasing number of subscribers, and they are going all-in to fulfill their collective fitness goal. 


The sisters have bigger plans for the future of Built by Biron. They aim to open more studios to offer teaching group fitness and cover a wide range of their clients. They plan to do a fitness tour, visit all the United States’ major cities, teach their group fitness classes, and show people what Built by Biron is all about!

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