What the life of a successful business owner really looks like: The highs and the lows of Marc Ryan Effron

Who is Marc


Today Marc Ryan Effron is a successful businessman, mentor, father, little league coach, and co-visionary of the Legacy Healing Center brand among other things. His smile is bright and he speaks with fire about the things of recovery and spirituality. Most comfortable in a pair of joggers and his signature Yeezys; Marc’s schedule is filled with conferences and meetings, but he stops and clears his office to take calls from his sponsees who are in trouble. 


How life wasn’t always so easy


Marc seems to have the answers to most problems but remembers when he wasn’t always so solid. He humbly describes his experiences and openly tells his story of struggle, ruin, and homelessness turned to victory and rebirth; that will leave not one dry eye in the room. 


Marc Effron grew up in Swampscott Mass with his mother and stepfather. His parents divorced when Marc was young and both remarried. The divorce weighed heavily on Marc who at that age did not know what to do with the feelings of betrayal, resentment, fear and feeling lost. This placed him in a very vulnerable state emotionally.


Watching his parents enter into new relationships created in him the ability to detach from situations and relationships without his permission. Things that Marc has struggled with throughout his life. 


In the 8th grade at the tender age of 14, Marc was involved in a physical altercation with his stepfather and ran away from home for the first time. This was where the running began for Marc but surely would not end. 


Marc’s daily routine


Marc Effron begins his day at 4am in the gym. While most of us are just turning over by 7am, he has prayed, meditated, completed a workout, and probably his first two calls for the day. He enters the doors of Legacy Healing Center and is greeted by his assistant who has already arranged several meetings and phone calls for the first part of the morning. In between, he pops his head into the administrative offices to get a feel for how everyone’s day is going and ask if he can help with current projects.


Marc remembers a time when he sat in his office as VP of the financial company but was struggling personally. He remembers that those struggles ultimately overpowered his willingness to look “ok” and resulted in him being homeless, estranged from his family, and feeling more lost than ever. For him, it’s important that he check in with his team, look them in the eye and take a moment to connect. 


The traits which make a successful business


These are small touches that make Legacy Healing Center most successful. The care and personal attention stems directly from the owners and flow throughout the organization. This was the dream that Marc and his partners had when bringing the facility to life. For Marc, it’s much more than business as usual. He vividly remembers waking up in treatment after another failed attempt at sobriety. He remembers the feelings of hopelessness that came with having to look in the mirror. Those are still very real to him even today when he looks in the mirror that the perfectly put together reflection that he sees. He has not forgotten where he came from but continues to move forward being the man that he was destined to be. 


Marc’s message is a powerful one that he generously shares with others…you’ve got this, even when it looks like you don’t.