Marko Filipovic nominated #1 mentor for online hustlers!

In the world we live in today it’s becoming obvious that the ability to work from home, online, from anywhere in the world is crucial! With this in mind, more and more people have started to transition to working online, but only few of them reach great success! One thing they all were missing is a great mentor!

Who is Marko

Marko Filipovic is a young entrepreneur who was born in Serbia, but who has recently moved to the United States. Marko’s original dream was to be a magician, master illusionist who is traveling the world

doing magic shows. In the end of 2019 he has fallen in love with the idea of having his own business and he has taken on the journey of entrepreneurship!

On his journey he became insanely successful very fast, it was almost like a career path. Shortly after the start of his success he has invented his own systems, his own strategies and unique scaling tactics. Now Markos main goal is to work with young hustlers and entrepreneurs and help them turn their business into a scalable 6fig career!

What has Marko Done for online entrepreneurs

Throughout the past year Marko has worked with online entrepreneurs to help them create scalable 6figure agencies! So far he has helped over 74 people create a 6figure businesses and more than 120 scale an already existing business to 6figures!

So far he hasn’t had a single failed case study. 

“My main goal as an online agency owner is not for me to land a sale but for me to see YOU land a sale”, Filipovic said.

Anything to look out for

Marko Filipovic is putting out a few programs in 2021 that are worth looking into!

The programs coming out are 7 Day Agency and Scale Factor X. These programs are made to either help you create or scale a business to 6figures, working 1-1 with a professional! These programs are coming out soon, so if you want to find out more about them you can message him on instagram

right now!

“I give anyone looking into my programs a fair warning, if you don’t want to make 6figures or work from home while being financially free, don’t join!” Marko says to everyone!

Connect with Marko

If you are looking to connect with marko you can do that through his instagram @thisismarkofilipovic. Filipovic loves to connect with people, and just chat.