How This Couple Began Monetizing A Brand While Traveling The World

Domi and Frida are an Italy based couple that have been traveling the world and monetizing their journeys through their Instagram page for the better part of 3 years. 

After meeting in 2006, their shared passion for traveling led them on dozens of journeys while both working full time. Even in the busiest of moments, they’ve never given up their passion for learning new cultures and traveling to new parts of the world. When they started their couple Instagram profile @weloveourlife in 2017, it was no surprise that it quickly grew to multiple six figure followers within a few years. They’ve since been able to monetize their content and collaborate with resorts and hotels to profit on their passion, but it wasn’t that way initially. 

When they first started their Instagram page, Domi and Frida had no clue how to turn their passion into a source of income, they simply did it just to keep their friends and family in the loop and share their passion of traveling through content. For them, traveling was just about discovering new places, learning new cultures, and having fun. They had no intentions of making money, and advise anyone getting into a long term project to do it out of passion rather than trying to make a profit, as you’ll be likely to burn out from it much faster than you’ll begin seeing income.

Contrary to how many others view competition, Domi and Frida have been inspired by fellow travelers and content creators on various social platforms. They’ve learned a lot about photography and making videos thanks to content creators on YouTube, and have discovered amazing places around the world thanks to other travelers on Instagram. Since they’re passionate about traveling, they’ve never viewed their fellow creators as competition and are supportive of others in their space. 

Growth has been the name of the game for Domi and Frida, from learning how to monetize their platform to collaborating with resorts to learning how to get the perfect photo for their Instagram. They didn’t expect much initially, and instead worked hard to improve all aspects of their brand while still enjoying every second of their travels and adventures. They failed often in the beginning, but they’ll both admit that failure is a part of life and they have yet to be discouraged. Their failures have allowed them to improve in many ways, and the hard work they’ve been willing to put in has brought them the success and lifestyle they live out today.