How A Young Entrepreneur Has Mastered the Art Of Instagram Branding

With the team and connections Chris Diaz has around him, he has a failsafe method of taking his online branding business to the top. His skillset is unarguably tremendous, but the network he has surrounded himself with has given him the tools necessary to have consistent success for the long term. But, his method for growing his network hasn’t been typical of entrepreneurs. 


Chris Diaz always seeks to provide value for others. Rather than using a peer to make a short term gain and let them be, Chris seeks to make genuine connections that transcend business and allow him to get to know people on a personal level. He doesn’t seek to get something out of these relationships, because great things will happen naturally from these relationships. And, as he’s found time and time again, the natural synergy that results leads to the biggest gains long term, both in terms of business and becoming closer with said person. 



This method of genuine care and keeping in touch long term has helped Chris to build a private network of 100M+ that not only has strength in numbers, but is filled with elite businesses, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists and influencers. His proximity to power is incredible, and he is tapped in with the best in the industry. Even better yet, he is willing to help others explode their brands as well. Most of his clients have turned to become his closest friends.


He advises anyone who seeks to grow their brand to treat it like a full time job. Growing organically takes commitment to create original, creative content, engage with followers and influencer pages in your niche, and be consistent enough to remain relevant in your industry. Growing a strong personal brand is paramount in 2019, as it gives you credibility as a master in your industry, allowing you to build trust, to turn followers into clients, and that’s what will differentiate you from your competition. Chris is a master at this craft, and can bring substantial growth to any brand and expand it efficiently and effectively. But, like anyone else starting out, he had no prior knowledge on the topic and has learned through both experience and failure. 


Simply getting started, Chris notes, is often the hardest part of the journey. You can take as many courses, attend as many seminars, and read as many books as you want, but unless you take action and get started, you’ll never be on your way to success. Failure is much more acceptable than inaction, as failures allow you to learn and grow moving forward. After gaining experience and knowledge, momentum will keep piling up until you start finding massive breakthroughs similar to what Chris experienced. In terms of getting started, Chris has two key pieces of advice for anyone reading. 


First, relationships are key. Chris Diaz clearly thrives off of building solid relationships with his peers and elite people in his industry, and finds that the journey to success in entrepreneurship is much easier with a team rather than going solo. A team allows you to hold each other accountable, be more efficient, and master different skills to form a well rounded empire that can dominate in any industry. 


Second, Chris has learned that success does not happen overnight. Trust your process, follow the day to day routine that will allow you to have small daily wins,

and don’t compare your step 2 to guys like Grant Cardone, Gary Vee, or Dan Fleyshman because it’ll only hold you back. Anyone who has attained massive success and great riches today was in the same position as you, but have put in the time and commitment to become an “overnight success”. 


Someone Chris is specifically grateful for is Jared Da Silva. He’s learned a lot from Jay Alexander, and is inspired by his work ethic and story. He’s learned the power of a strong work ethic from Jared, and now wants to pass the message along to others: Work harder, don’t give up, battle through the ups and downs, and be better than you were yesterday!