Meet Sameer Sawaqed, a Social Media Influencer and Host of “The More We Know”

Social media influencers are people who have built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a specific topic. Social media influencers are those who have made a name of their own based on their information and experience. 

Regular posts regarding various topics on their preferred social media channels generate massive followings of genuinely interested, engaged people who pay close attention to their views.

Podcasting is a relatively new form of online content that is gaining popularity

We all know and agree that it’s different building a connection through written content than visual or audio. Sure, you could read all one’s blogs and comment on each one saying how useful they were but that ‘connection’ probably isn’t there.

On the other hand, If someone is on a podcast, the one podcasting is able to open up to you more and it all builds a more personal relationship.

Sameer Sawaqed is a podcaster, social media influencer, and also works in the fintech space.

Sameer observed that in today’s rapidly evolving world, it is common to see young men and women struggling to find a proper foothold in life. The multitude of paths laid open to them overwhelms them quite often. And to help these young individuals make the right choice, either in their personal or professional life, a mentor who understands their journey and guides them on the right path holds tremendous importance.

For this very reason, Sameer Sawaqed launched “The More We Know” podcast to empower and educate millennials and Generation Z on their journey through life.

He helps inspire and empower Gen Z and millennials through a mentorship podcast. Sameer started the “The More We Know” podcast as he felt that a lot of us in our 20s do not have a lot of guidance. So he brings on experts from around the world to help inspire, educate and empower the generation he belongs to.

Sameer Sawaqed, being a college coach and social media influencer, helps others find their chosen path in life

He started his journey as an advocate when he was 19 years old only when he documented his 100-pound weight loss journey. The moments he shared with others have motivated many other people

to take the first step toward weight loss.

This inspiring journey of Sameer first started with #CommitWithMEER – a community of millennials providing support and encouragement for one another. It would be apt to say that Sameer Sawaqed truly understands the impacts of a mentor in one’s life and is striving to play his part in the life of his contemporaries to the best of his abilities.