Ashish Balgotra, Journey as an InfoPreneur is full of Inspiration

At twenty-one (21) years of age, Ashish Balgotra is already among the elite circle of critical thinkers who believe in chasing their dreams and making the best out of life. Like the vast majority of youths today, Ashish is a great fan of technology. Most of his time is spent exploring new technologies, inventions, meeting new people, making friends and just about everything daring! While his life so far is only a dream for many, Ashish Balgotra finds that to be his reality.

He is from Jammu, Jammu, and Kashmir. In Ashish’s Facebook  Page, he posted, soon he will open Digital Marketing Agency in Jammu to provide Digital Marketing Knowledge. He is a self-made InfoPreneur having experience of 4+ Years in the Digital Industry.

He believes in the concept of Karma and going forward in his life with the ideology of “Let’s Grow Together”.

Ashish Balgotra

Source: Ashish Balgotra Instagram

Ashish Balgotra is a young 21-year-old InfoPreneur. He spends all his time in social media and provide opportunities to the youngsters of India. He hopes to spread the message about loving the earth and oneself. Ashish believes in making memories as they are the only true lasting satisfaction the temporary world has to offer.

Ashish has had an unstoppable and interesting journey so far. However, for a 21-year-old on a mission, he still has to go a long way. Online Media outlets and big personalities will be eavesdropping to pick up more of his successful tech stories in the future.