“If You Assume, You Lose,” Chris Zissis, a YouTube Millionaire, Talks about His Life Journey

Life is full of surprises, and the best things happen to you when you expect the unexpected. In the most uncertain hours, you hit the silver lining and find your direction. The life of Chris Zissis is a living example of finding the right path through the bumpiest ride ever. Chris Zissis is an entrepreneur who provides services of building six-figure passive income streams through automated channels on YouTube. He has generated more than 3 billion views, over 5 million subscribers, and seven figures in his ad revenue produced from these channels in just the past few years alone.


Chris believes that “if you assume, you lose”. All his life, whenever he assumed something, life found a way to prove him wrong. Chris has had multiple experiences in different fields before settling into the YouTube business. Since a kid, he was fond of finding more innovative ways to earn money. Be it a kid who buys 24 packs of cola and sells them for $2 each to double his money, or slaving away concreting and asphalting for $15-$18 an hour, Chris always found a way to get himself in and out of any situation. 

Struggling with various small jobs, Chris started his first customized clothing business and generated small profits for his efforts. Soon he shifted to an SEO-based company and helped local businesses improve their website experience and google rankings. Considering the slow outcomes of SEO and clients’ impatience in an SEO-based business, it was getting hard for Chris to scale a business that is always dependent on such a long wait time from Google. He realized it’s time to move on and do something different that allows him to scale with ease, fast track results, produce impressive results, and not rely on others to create content or be operating for him to help them. Consequently, Chris decided to put his YouTube skills into better use and started his current business.  

Chris failed many times in several businesses and jobs but learned several things from his failures. He believes that the idea of failing forward and failing fast at the time sounds frustrating, but in hindsight, it totally acts as a buffer to your journey of success. Believing in himself and not getting caught up in the failures transformed Chris into a successful business owner today. His goal is to create 1000 profitable automated channels and have a warehouse in Melbourne where he can create content for his clients. Chris aspires to turn his business into the largest YouTube automation

operation in the world with a fun-loving and go-getting team by his side.