Meet Money Master Coach and Influencer Talaya Scott: Educating the Masses on Financial Freedom

Financial education is becoming increasingly important for not just major corporations but also average adults and families. It is very common for people coming into adulthood to be unable to manage finances properly. With the rise of new generation entrepreneurs, the youth of today are seen earning huge sums of money. These young people are unprepared to make smart decisions, do not have a proper understanding of credit scores, are unaware of investing, and are simply bad at making sound decisions about their financial future. 

Having sound financial knowledge gives you the financial freedom you need when things get dark and gloomy. It is the peace of mind we all need because truth be told, money problems are really stressful. 

Experiencing financial distress firsthand, Talaya Scott is completely aware of the toll it takes on mental health. This is why as an accountant turned entrepreneur today, she actively advocates for financial literacy and is making sure to educate and empower people.

Talaya is the founder and owner of FIIT Perspective, a financial literacy company that helps clients get the best kind of knowledge around financial freedom. The company features some of the most comprehensive financial education courses for individuals and small businesses. Talaya believes that through her mentoring and counseling, she can give people the ability to take charge of their finances. 

Aside from working as a money master coach at her company, she is also an accountant,  published author and influencer. A Milwaukee native and a public-school system graduate, Talaya earned her BA in Management Information Systems from Cardinal Stritch University and her MS in Accounting and Financial Management from Keller Graduate School of Management.

Talaya feels lucky to have served her country in the United States Air Force for eight years in Military Finance and previously worked for one of the prestigious Big 4 accounting firms, Ernst & Young LLP. She is a full-time Accounting instructor at Milwaukee Area Technical College and serves her community through nonprofit organizations, including the National Council of Negro Women and the National Association for Black Accountants.

Her company is responsible for the financial literacy tide that has gripped Wisconsin. Having collaborated with nonprofits, public middle schools, high schools, and universities and speaking at corporate events has enabled Talaya to reach out to all ages and spread her unique message of financial freedom. 

Coming from a humble background and having suffered from financial losses and bankruptcy while experiencing motherhood as a single mother taught Talaya a great deal about this discipline. Her struggles compelled her to pen down her story in the book ‘So I graduated now what do I do?’ where she explains her evolution.

Talaya believes that financial literacy, despite its importance, is not taught at schools, and through her courses and published books, she is influencing the masses around the matter.