Maintaining a Good Credit Score: Insights by Credit Score Guru, Alex Miller

In the world of today, one thing that you need to navigate through your life smoothly is a good credit score. A positive credit score is a necessity for obtaining essential items like a credit card and a cellular telephone service. Moreover, a good credit score will help you rent a place to live, obtain loans on a significantly lower interest rate and can even help you land a job, since some employers may request you to show them your credit scores before they hire you. 

Since your credit score can impact your life in so many ways, we have some insights for you, straight from Alex Miller, the guy who is commonly known as “The Credit Score Guru”. Alex is known as one of the top experts in the industry of credit repair and possesses credit repair expertise on debt validation. That is not all, Alex is a certified professional in consumer credit laws, such as the Fair and Accurate Transaction Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act. His firm, Alex Miller Credit Repair has helped many people fulfill their dreams, be it of owning their own house or getting the car of their dreams on better insurance rates. 

Alex Miller shared with us some significant insights on maintaining a good credit score, and we’re sharing them with you!

Know What a Good Credit Score is

First things first, if you do not have any knowledge of what constitutes a good credit score, you will never be able to seek the help you need to achieve it. Alex is of the opinion that you should be well informed of how much of a credit score is considered good, since your credit score has a huge impact on your day to day life. 

A credit score of 350 is the lowest possible and 850 is the upper limit in credit scores. Positive credit scores start at 680 and anything lower than that means you have a negative credit score. What most people do not know is that a good credit score is in the 700’s. You do not need to attain a score of 800 or more for a positive credit score. 

Keep an Eye out for Inaccuracies 

“Many people suffer from a negative credit score and never even realize their report could be inaccurate”, states the credit repair guru. Thus, it is important to keep an eye out for such inaccuracies as they have the potential to create hurdles for you later on. 

Alex advises people to be aware of their rights. According to him, most people are unaware of the fact that clearing out errors from their credit reports is their federal right. In case you have negative accounts on your report, you have the full right to investigate them. This can help you avoid any financial complications in your life later on. 

Never Let Your Credit Card Reach Maximum Limit 

Alex has been leading the credit repair industry for years and states that he has seen one common mistake that people usually tend to make – they max out their credit limit. Your credit limit means the maximum amount of outstanding balance that you can have on your credit card without a penalty. 

It is important to know what your credit limit is and always keep it in mind while taking any decisions that involve the use of your credit card. It is the golden rule for staying out of debt, observes Alex Miller. 

These insights from the credit repair guru, Alex Miller make up what we’d call priceless advice. Utilize these insights to achieve and maintain a positive credit score for an easier life.