Meet Joshua Jones, a Passionate Interior Designer Who Started an E-design Firm JJones Design Co

Joshua Jones is a highly talented online interior designer who started an e-design firm, JJones Design Co. He has been running his firm successfully for over 7 and a half years now. As the owner of an online interior design & decorating business, he provides services to local as well as international clients.

Jones faced discrimination in his early days because of his Deafness. He is Deaf and because of this, he faced a lot of hurdles at the beginning of his career. According to him, “The design/architecture firms I interviewed with all were more concerned with how we would communicate instead of looking at my talents and figuring out how we can work best together.


Jones describes how these encounters frustrated him. One day, when he was expressing his frustration to his partner, Jeffry‌ ‌Kahle‌, he came up with an incredible solution that gave birth to JJones Design Co. His partner suggested he should start a business that focuses on helping clients design and decorate their spaces in the online space to break down the barriers of his impairment. This way, he will be able to work with people nationwide and internationally. 

Jones said, “I thought it was an awesome idea, and that’s how I started my business. I hope it continues to grow and expand.” 

Over the last 7 and a half years, he has completed over 500 E-design projects. A few of his works have been featured in House Beautiful Magazine, Business of Home, CNN, Apartment Therapy, Hunker, MyDomaine, and Strategist. In addition, he will be featured in a book due out in fall 2022. 

Joshua Jones was born and raised in Southern California, but he has lived in different places such as Oregon, Seattle, Orange County in California, Vancouver in Canada, and San Francisco. He recently returned to Seattle last year and settled down there for good. 

He attended Western Oregon University and studied business and urban planning before changing his major to Interior Design and transferring to the Art Institute of Seattle. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. 

As an entrepreneur, he has been in the e-design industry for the past 7 and a half years and is well knowledgeable about it, since the concept was relatively new when he started his business. Many people were unaware of how e-design works and how it would benefit them, so his job also entailed educating people

on how E-design works. 

He says that during this process, he learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t, improving business based on feedback from clients and colleagues. The struggle and challenges were numerous during those early days but after years of trying and being patient, he finally saw the result for the business he always wanted. His business grew steadily after he figured that out, and he gained recognition, such as getting on blogs, magazines, and social media channels.