It’s Okay to Be a Good Business or Business Owner But It’s Always Better To Become A Great Business or Business Owner

There are a lot of good companies out there offering good service for their customers. They hire good people. They take care of day to day task. They even maintain a good reputation. The problem with a good company is that they rarely evolve. They rarely innovate. A good business will always be a couple steps behind a great business. 

Nathaniel Moore is a Self Made Multi-Millionaire, Serial Entrepreneur, Life-Coach and Motivational Speaker.  He’s the founder of yMoore, a company dedicated to providing personal development and business strategies to millions of people internationally. Nathaniel has helped over 100 young leaders take their good results to great. Nathaniel specializes in helping entrepreneurs, leaders, business owners find confidence in their true self, allowing them to maximize their gifts and talents. 

What separates a good business from a great business is the culture

Great companies know the importance of having a strong company culture. Having a great company culture gives your team something to be excited about. Culture comprises the beliefs and behaviors that influence how employees and its leadership interact with one another and how they handle business transaction. Great company culture employees tend to develop better relationships with coworkers and are even more productive. Reports suggest that younger individuals who recently entered the workforce want to work for an organization that aligns with their personal values and maintains a positive environment. However, great company cultures rarely form on their own. Great companies invest into there employees for many years to establish a positive atmosphere.

The culture of a good company operates under the expectations that what they do is the best. Good companies continue to do the same thing day in and day out producing consistent results but are never innovating. In order to become a great business, a business must innovate.  Great companies are always looking for feedback and are not afraid to hear bad news. Great companies roll the dice and encourage team members to go out and make mistakes and support team members that do so. A great company knows that through failures, the team grows and a unity is formed. 

Great companies have great leaders

Great companies empower people who motivate others around them, and build relationships that create trust and open communication. Great companies create a culture of accountability and support for the good of their team and the company. Good companies hire average employees and set expectations to late versus a great company sets expectations before they hire and also hire people with similar DNA to the current company culture. 

Great companies are focused on one goal and don’t get distracted from it. They’re strategic. Employees at great companies lay out weekly, monthly and quarterly deadlines, and they have a clear understanding of what every person in the company is working toward. Good companies take care of there clients but rarely reach out to the client to ensure that there fully serving the clients needs. Great companies encourage there team members to ask the right questions to there clients to ensure they are offering exceptional service. 

In order to be a great company, you have to clearly define your companies beliefs, values and goals. You have to communicate often with clarity your companies beliefs, values and goals. You have to be on offense and not on defense. You have to be ok with rolling the dice often and be ok with not being right all the time.