How Danny Singson; Owner of the #1 Financial Brokerage in San Francisco Bay Helps Clients in the Journey towards Financial Independence 

Danny was excelling in his career as a police officer. He was a deputy sheriff at the San Mateo County office. However, he was struggling financially. The 19 years of service were marred by a life of living from one paycheck to another. Danny moved from being a cop to an entrepreneur. He is presently the owner of Xtreme 1 Financial team, the leading finance agency in the San Francisco bay area. This metamorphosis was motivated by pain. “I was devastated when I Realized My Mom Had Lost Over $200,000 and I Couldn’t Do Anything to Stop It,” he says. This pain ignited a new purpose in Danny. Six years since then and Danny has never looked back. 

The Financial Cancer in the Society 

Danny’s financial struggles as a police officer are not unique in society. Most Americans, if not all, have a combination of mortgages, car loans, personal loans, and credit card debts. According to the NorthWester Mutual’s 2018 Planning and Progress Study, the average American has $38,000 in personal debt, excluding home mortgages. A year ago, personal debt was about $1000. Despite the awareness of debt as dangerous waters, most people are jumping into debt with both feet with hopes of staying afloat. Danny calls this financial cancer. “Most individuals are unaware that they are walking around with stage 3 or stage 4 financial cancer. That is why I ventured into the finance industry. We believe in providing much-needed cures in the form of solutions to solve this epidemic,” he states. 

Danny retired 17 years early as a police officer. He pursued financial independence through entrepreneurship. This achievement has earned him the name “Financial First Responder,” due to his passion for helping others achieve their financial goals. “What we have in society is an income problem, not a saving problem. Most people adjust their lifestyles based on their paycheck. Others do not even have the option of a proper wage. However, few people ask themselves, how do I generate more income?” says Danny. 

Steps towards Financial Independence 

Danny retired from his career at age 38. He began his journey in the finance industry and a span of five years, he was able to build his business into a success. He attributes his success from passion. “When I started this agency, my motive was to share my knowledge and expertise in finance with others so that no one would go through the same pain I went through,” he states. Xtreme 1 Financial provides world-class education on evolved strategies that will help you earn money, protect money, save money, and create a legacy for your family. “The knowledge about handling finance is a knowledge that is not covered in school,” he says. The agency offers empowerment to its clients through education and mentorship. “What you do not know about money will hurt you,” says Danny. As a result, the agency offers a personalized approach to the financial challenges faced by each client. The agency is unique as it strives to help clients get more value by changing their current habits in regards to how they save money and plan their finances. 

According to Danny Singson, financial independence is possible. However, to achieve this independence, you have to clarify your goals and motivations. You have to ask yourself, “Who do you have in your corner mentoring you to achieve your goals?” Danny revealed some of the three main strategies for financial independence. The first strategy is the acknowledgment of the problem. “You have to realize that you have an income problem. Then, you have to be motivated enough to make the necessary changes needed to achieve financial independence.” Danny is an advocate of helping people get out of the rat race. He notes that entrepreneurship is an integral step towards achieving financial independence. The agency empowers its clients through education that will help them make the right investments and achieve success in their entrepreneurship journey. The third strategy is motivation. “You have to have a valid reason that motivates you to work towards financial independence. The desire to make more money is not enough. You need to examine your life and find that pain or issue that motivates you to work towards financial independence.” 

A Versatile Entrepreneur 

Danny is now a passionate entrepreneur in the money industry. His agency stands out from other traditional financial firms or a typical financial advisor in several ways. First, Xtreme 1 Financial  prioritizes transparency and empowerment. Whereas most institutions and advisors attach fees to their clients’ investments and forsake those investments to market volatility, Xtreme 1 Financial mentors its clients towards achieving a good return on investment. Secondly, the firm is dedicated to educating the masses on how they can earn significant returns in the market while safeguarding their risks. The firms cover the issue of health. They provide knowledge to clients concerning changes in health laws and how to handle a health event or injury without depleting your funds. “It is our mission here at (Xtreme 1 Financial) to provide this education to families and institutions across the country, allowing people to finally be empowered with the education and direction towards a better financial future.”