Here’s How Cade Parker Transformed His Way from a Fashion Model to an Entrepreneur

Cade Parker is a fashion model and singer. Ford Models initially discovered him through his Instagram content. He soon caught the eye of Wilhelmina Models and signed them to work in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. Along with a three-year modeling career, Cade is famous due to his YouTube content and is widely known for his live streaming content on YouNow. 

Cade’s expertise does not stop at modeling and live streams. He has had an entrepreneurial spirit since he was born. In the suburbs of Indiana, Cade was grown up in a family that was not financially very strong. His circumstances served as a huge motivator for him. He wanted to do something to change his life and make his own destiny. 

Cade was an achiever in high school, ranked in the top 100 of his state’s graduating class in 2015. He was also awarded a full scholarship to Indiana State University because of his academics. But this is not where his heart was. His dream of changing his life and doing something extraordinary never let him blend into mainstream university life. In the pursuit of his goals, Cade left the business school after a year only to travel to Los Angeles with only $2,000 in his pocket. Later, time told us that it was the best decision of his life when he launched two successful enterprises.

Today Cade is the owner of his two very successful businesses. His advertising firm is called Social Powers Advertising. He works with companies and creators to build their online social footprint to increase engagement and overall brand exposure across many platforms. Cade’s objective with this company is to help his fellow content producers enhance the value of their brand and build an image on which they can benefit in the future.

Cade utilized his extensive understanding of social media to launch numerous enterprises while he was up against the wall. His advertising firm now has 150-200 clients on a regular basis. The second venture Cade manages is a YouTube channel called “Beyond The Box,” where he and his crew professionally unbox and analyze consumer technology and items that consumers could look up online. He has 16000 followers and has made this channel his central focus to reach 100,000 subscribers.

Habitual of thinking and planning one step ahead, Cade is ambitious to grow his company from a monthly five-figure income to a six-figure income. He also wishes to work in a movie one day to fulfill  childhood dream. Cade has high hopes to achieve a seven figures company in 2022 and begin selling real estate on the side just for extra money.