An Insight into the Life of Patrick Fitzgibbons, The Host of Top Ranked Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast

About 6 years ago, Patrick Fitzgibbons took the very first step towards his passion: building his own podcast to help develop the minds of criminal justice professionals so that they can fight any and every obstacle that they come across in life. 

Being a retired law enforcement professional, Patrick has had experience of almost 23 years of various police work. This includes serving as a patrol officer, detective, and supervisor to mentor street officers assigned to patrol. As a result, his work life provided him with a combination of practical experience since he confronted a range of issues while he was on duty. Therefore, as a hardworking individual, Patrick wanted to use his knowledge and inspire future law enforcement professionals so that he could help develop the minds of as many people as possible. To fulfill this mission, Patrick initially started teaching. His first job was at Axia College (University of Phoenix), in the Criminal Justice Department, where he worked part time and taught “Interpersonal Skills for Criminal Justice Professionals”. However, as Patrick went on to teach in other places including Aims Community College (where he still works), he realized that he could expand his reach and use his mentoring skills outside the classroom as well. Thus, that being so, Patrick decided to launch “Criminal Justice Evolution”, a podcast where he would host regular sessions to talk about criminal justice topics and issues related to police and criminal justice reform, leadership, use of force, etc. He used the platform to provide knowledge, advice, and tools to criminal justice professionals that he himself had learned through his years of experience. 

In addition to that, Patrick also regularly invites different guests in his podcast sessions so that he can use their expertise to enhance the knowledge of his listeners. His guest list includes a range of professionals in different fields such as bestselling authors, entrepreneurs, military and law enforcement leaders, and influencers, actors, and private sector professionals. Recently, in episode 436, Patrick invited Abigail Manning, the founder of ‘Create Awareness…Change Lives, INC’ for a session where she talks about her work in promoting mental fitness and building healthy organizations. 

Thus, while covering a range of topics and a variety of issues, Patrick has been able to reach a large number of audiences who regularly follow his work. And as a result of that, his podcast is now ranked at the top, with a rating of 4.9 stars on Apple Podcasts. With this success, Patrick hopes to continue expanding his reach alongside building his brand.