Building A Successful Brand on Instagram with Kishmel Eagar

We’ve all seen the growth behind Influencers and Niche pages before. Some of us shrug it off as pure ‘luck,’ but there are a few people who understand how Instagram works. Meet Kishmel Eagar

, Founder of Entry Points Media; he’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, businesses, and influencers gain attention and grow their social media presence. With Kishmel’s fundamental understanding of Instagram, the entrepreneur has shifted his focus to helping his clients all over the world crush it on Instagram. This is his story. 


Seeing Success 


When it comes to business, everybody understands that building businesses are not easy and considering modern-day companies are pivoting into online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, having a spot on Instagram is crucial to crush the branding. When Kishmel began building Instagram pages, he immersed himself into the influencer marketing world. It was in that period that kishmel networked with huge influencers, celebrities, niche pages, brands, and public figures while negotiating promotional deals for his clients. 


What defines a Successful Instagram 


Instagram has been one of the most popular platforms for marketing and building brands. The app allows brands to be built overnight and immediately gives them a way to connect to their audience, making a strong brand to customer relationships. Since the rise of Instagram, many entrepreneurs have built successful businesses and brands from a free platform. 


“Core Value, Passion, Consistency,” said Kishmel when asked what he believed defined a successful Instagram page. To further touch on his definition of a successful Instagram, Kishmel feels that the brands that perform the best are well known, are trusted, and have a loyal following behind them. So it’s to no surprise that when companies who are genuinely just concerned with selling you a product, are missing the trust aspect to their pages, they hire business professionals like Kishmel to enhance their overall social media presence. 


Kishmels 5 Tips to start building your Instagram Brand



Tip 1: Take time to learn about your niche and Instagram’s algorithm 


Tip 2: Always take the organic approach (Never use bots, automation, fake followers)


Tip 3: Learn ‘Influencer Marketing’ to quickly scale and explode accounts overnight 


Tip 4: Always Network, especially with the authority pages in your niche 


Tip 5: Be Patient and Consistent