Christien Bouc – Why Scale Bouc Media to 7-Figures?

Behind every entrepreneur, there’s often an innate purpose, reasoning, or distinct driving force that led them to build their agencies instead of taking the traditional route attempting to climb the corporate ladder. Everybody has their reason why, a reason to wake up every morning and do what you do.

In an exclusive interview, Christien Bouc explains the core moral values and perspectives he has on the world that he feels give him an edge towards having a successful life, both in business and personal relationships.

“Hands down the freedom to do what I do and go where I want. I love owning an online business and growing mentally and financially every single day. I love being able to fly to Ecuador and live with a girlfriend I have there, and then go visit my family in the USA or take a trip to Bali. The freedom from my lifestyle and the ability to make my own hours and hustle make me so fulfilled. In my opinion, business success and personal success are intertwined. Through my business success

, I can help my family and have unforgettable experiences.” says Christien.

What’s a successful routine look like? Many entrepreneurs find themselves waking up at 5 AM, fasting, meditating, going to extreme lengths with specific rituals to get the edge on their competition, It’s interesting to ask people that have reached Christien’s level of success, what it is they believe works best for them.

“My daily routine has changed over the years as my lifestyle has changed. Due to my online business, I have been able to visit over 13 countries in just a few years, so my daily routine is much different than before but the number of hours I put in is the same or less because of the systems I now have in place. I believe a structured routine would help me scale faster, but since I have been traveling so much I play it by ear and chunk my day into sections like “maintenance work” and “progress work” says Christien.

A man’s word is all he truly has, at the end of the day as a business owner

, someone with big dreams, building a long list of happy customers and associates is crucial for future success. It’s essential to maintain a strict sense of conviction and always follow through with your dreams. What’s your opinion on this?

“It’s LITERALLY everything. If you believe you can do it, then you can. If you believe you can not, then you will fail. It is as simple as that, and for one second I have never believed I will fail. Call it the Muhammed Ali mentality if you will.” Christien says.

Every entrepreneur I know had a striking moment in their life where everything changed forever. It’s a click, a notion, then after that, it’s like you’re looking through life through a different lens. Like having glasses for the first time and not realizing how much you needed them. Have you had a significant event in your personal or business life that you considered to be a turning point that leads you to where you are now?

Christien says “Yes, I have had a few significant turning points in my life. The first was when my girlfriend broke up with me after telling her I wanted to quit college and my job, which I did. This motivated me to succeed and outwork my competition. The next huge turning point happened when I had my first amazing service provider who allowed me to offload the work to him so I could zero in and focus on the sales aspect of the business to scale!”

If you could start your career from scratch, what changes would you have made to progress mentally, financially, spiritually, and physically?

“I made an Instagram post on this but my biggest regrets to date are:

  1. Not starting online earlier
  2. Not spending enough money on my business, or worse spending too much on a business. Yes, I’ve done both.

If I could go back, I would choose to start my marketing agency earlier, potentially in high school. There is no reason to wait for graduates to start a business if they have a marketable skill. For some reason, I had a predisposition that I needed to get a degree to get a job and I would tell myself to remove this mindset and go for it anyways. The other change I would make is reinvesting more money back into marketing and the business to grow faster. This means paying service providers to offload some of the work, or even hiring a team member, or building a necessary asset for the business. It can also be things like paid ads, but I would also tell myself to be careful as I have spent far too much in the past on abandoned software projects because the cost grew out of hand after starting. If something costs too much, it is better to cut it off than let it continue to pull you down. While I have made all kinds of mistakes, I try to avoid them now and each mistake made has served as an opportunity to learn and correct it in the future.” Christien says.

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