Is personal brand more important than business brand?

Personal Brand

In today’s world I think individuals underestimate the power of building a personal brand.  As a business owner my goal was to build the company name so that people would know be familiar.  This yielded some results, but the results were really slow.  Once I began focusing on building my personal brand, people automatically started gravitating to all of my other businesses.

So, it is important for business owners to start caring about their personal brand.  The results of this will increase visibility on their business or company brand.  I remember going to a Grant Cardone’s10X Growth Conference” 3 in Miami and he stressed the importance of people buy from people they know.  “If I don’t know you, I can’t flow you,” was Grant’s catch phrase.  When people know who you are, they feel more comfortable buying products from you.  Take Kanye West

for example, Yeezy is the most Googled brand in the world.  Would that brand be as big as it is with someone else’s name attached to it, of course not?  The fact that Kanye is a name people know and his name is connected with very high-quality products, the business that he does will automatically grow because his personal brand as an individual is attached to it.


What is the personal brand? A combination of your personality, your day to day lifestyle, your hobbies likes and dislikes.  Look at all of the people who are successful on social media. They have attracted a viewership who continues to subscribe to the person.  Because of social media nowadays it is a lot easier to build a personal brand.  If people like you enough, and love your content, they will buy from your business or company brand.

Business Brand

This business or company brand is more dedicated to what you’ll offer to customers.  A lot more thought has to go into the business or company brand because there has to be an overall vision of where you are looking to take the company.  The benefit to building a business or company brand is that it is a lot easier to sell when your focus changes.  The con to this is that when you build a business or company brand you cannot be as flexible if your interest changes.

So, in my personal opinion there are both pros and cons to each.  I feel the right way to go is to build your personal brand around the business.  Establish your personal authority and expertise around the business and that would be an overall best-case scenario.  There is no right or wrong answer.  My personal opinion is to establish the personal brand first.  If you consider a recording artist like Rick Ross

, although he is in the music business, he still is a Wing Stop owner, Checkers & Rally’s owner, RICH by Rick Ross grooming products and more.  But because he established a personal brand there were no limits in the type of business and company brands, he could be apart of.  The fact that he was most known for music did not affect his ability to grow his other businesses all because of his name.  That is why I feel starting with personal brand first is best.