While Being Able to Live Out His Passions For A Decade, Darryl Drake Is Still Hungry For More

Any normal person would stick to a massively successful job that provides them financial security at just 30 years old, right? After all, the dream is to become the president of a successful firm, make your family proud, and accomplish major long term goals. But, Darryl Drake is far from the average person. After a decade of working to help companies develop their sales reps across the planet while being able to live out his passions, Darryl is still hungry for more fulfillment in his career. Darryl’s millionaire success habits didn’t evolve out of thin air, however. He has been immersed in the world of entrepreneurship since he was in school.  


Going back to his childhood, Darryl has always been involved in entrepreneurship. While the term “entrepreneur” is overused in today’s age with people giving themselves the title without actually having anything to show for it, Darryl was an entrepreneur before all of the glamor. Growing up, his mother had several clothing stores he was responsible for managing. At a very young age, Darryl began to discover just what it took to manage a successful business. Only one thing was missing from the equation: a passion. 


Rather than having a passion that would only benefit him, Darryl had ideas of helping people around him recognize their problems and assist them in finding solutions. While his mother’s business got his foot in the door for being an entrepreneur, helping others find success is what would ultimately keep him in the game in the long run. 


After crushing sales in his 20s where he saw his company generate $40M in revenue, Darryl is now the CEO of SAP. The company focuses on providing personal and business credit rebuilding services that aid clients in not only rebuilding their credit, but giving them the tools necessary to maintain their credit for life. The company could very easily assist their clients in rebuilding their credit just to see them come back in a year willing to pay for their services all over again, but instead SAP provides their clients with the tools and knowledge needed to build and maintain a good credit score and ultimately never need their services again. This is not only a testament to the authentic care the company has for its clients, but to Darryl’s commitment to living out his passion of helping others rather than taking advantage of others for his own personal gain.


Darryl believes that the biggest reward of entrepreneurship is giving clients the inspiration to be empowered to live out their dreams all from a service he provides. Not only is he able to be rewarded each and every day he goes into work at SAP, but he also finds ways to empower others outside of the workplace as well. He provides free advice via social media, and sometimes even travels city to city inviting people to workshops teaching business expansion techniques. Darryl has certainly been able to live out his passions, but he still is not ready to settle on his accomplishments thus far. 


After dedicating his time, talent and resources to provide professional clients massive value and have a genuine care for his clients for the past 10 years, Drake made the near impossible decision to step away from his massively successful career to reevaluate his life and take complete ownership of his destiny. Naturally, the move was extremely intimidating and daunting, but he has since felt liberated and ready to tackle the next 30 years of his career. Whether it’s a good thing or not, Darryl Drake has always stayed hungry for what’s next in his life professionally. Regardless of what move he makes next, one thing is for sure: keep Darryl Drake on your radar, because he’s not going away anytime soon.