Boss Babe Lacey Madison Shows Women How To Be Their Dream CEO

As the world shifts to online business management, and people all over the world are trying to develop their own brands; marketing and brand image have never been more important. It’s easy to become lost in a sea of lookalike coaches and service providers, which is why marketing guru Lacey Madison and the Beau Consulting Co. are here to help you stand out. Lacey’s mission is to help ambitious female CEO’s step into their power and build crazy celebrity authority to help them become wildly in demand. Her marketing and Business strategies enable female entrepreneurs and service providers to cut through the noise, stand out from the competition and connect directly with their diamond clients.


Lacey understands the struggles of starting from scratch, having no systems and processes, no framework, and barely being able to push 5k+ months to become a full-time CEO. Through her unique 3 Phase framework, she has built her fair share of signature programs designed for female coaches & service providers who are looking to level up their business game; take control of their brands and their lives, and leave that 9-5 holding them back from their freedom lifestyle. Using the methods in her own course, Lacey was able to grow herself to a 6 figure return after only 3 months, and now she’s sharing her secrets with the right ladies.

The Brand Accelerator Mastermind is a High Level, Intimate 6 month experience designed to help a small group of 12 motivated women catapult their business to extraordinary heights together with Lacey for an immersive deep dive into the business and Marketing world. In this program, Lacey shares all of her strategies and techniques for building a 7 Figure Business; building a product suite that works for you instead of against you, developing a consistent brand image, finding and landing diamond clients, and setting your business up for crazy expansion. The Brand Mastermind course is designed for you boss babe CEO’s ready to take “working for yourself” to the next level! Say goodbye to 10k Months and say hello to $50k Launches. 

Lacey is deeply involved in the process, hosting 1 on 1 coaching sessions, weekly group calls, workshops, personalized Q&A sessions, and bringing in guest experts to provide a comprehensive business and marketing masterclass experience. Lacey’s commitment to helping driven women reach their goals shines through in her programs; offering a unique, tight-knit group cohort that allows motivated women to learn, grow, and be inspired by one another, fostering a community dynamic that helps everyone grow their networks and push each other forward. There’s even a 3 day,

fully comp’d group retreat booked in for the cohort to connect and celebrate their successes and triumphs in person!

If you’re a business coach, service provider or budding entrepreneur who’s looking to take the next step in attaining your self-sustaining CEO lifestyle, Lacey Madison and the Beau Consulting Co. are the people for you. Catering to driven ladies across the spectrum in their personal journeys, Lacey’s passion and expertise will help you hit your targets, secure diamond clients, and become the boss you wish. Apply for her Brand Accelerator Mastermind course soon, as spaces are limited for the 2021 cohort!