How Andrew Faridani Was Able to Grow to over 100 Person Team That Has Won over 20 Awards


Time has come to show the entire world what we have in the palm of our hands,” These are the words of BreezeMaxWeb CEO- Andrew Faridani. BreezeMaxWeb is a full-service digital ad agency- a profit 500 listed company for five good years along with being the winner of the Premier Google Partner Competition for eight straight quarters. The high retention rate speaks for itself. The online marketing champion, Faridani, has branded and developed strategies and processes that have ranked his company for almost two decades. He has built with passion the required infrastructure necessary to nurture collaborative online media solutions.

Digital marketing is an investment in your business. However, growing a team is always a hard nut to crack, but for Faridani, he takes investment seriously! The objective and strategy he employs have propelled and skyrocketed his growth-something to grasp. Here is the reason why the guru has conquered many battles and won over 20 awards.



Setting Realistic and Achievable Goals to the Customers

Success is not final; failure isn’t fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. Faridani’s passionate heart for customer service keeps bearing fruits. Once a client visits the company, the target becomes converting more potential leads into customers. The struggle is to find an avenue to pay a nominal cost-per-acquisition that will eventually give them the desired results. Other times it is a client’s wish to increase their newsletter subscriber base or branding strategy. However, often, their interests lie in client acquisition or product/service sales for the best ROI.

Goals define who you are-the kind of person and business you do. Goals direct the future of the company. It is, therefore, necessary and wise to set proper, satisfactory targets to the clients. Goal setting is one of Faridani’s secret that has differentiated the top online marketing expert from the rest.


Skillful Navigation through Client’s Need

Clients need to be treated as the most important entities for any business to succeed. Faridani’s BreezeMaxWeb has more than 40 different digital marketing products and services. Once in contact with the client, Faridani’s team analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The company then determines which products will be essential in assisting clients to achieve their goals. The company then customizes a digital marketing strategy for each client.

BreezeMaxWeb primary services include; Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Organization, Google Ads, Content Writing, Website Creation and Hosting, and creative, to name a few. The client’s goals are well understood through their interaction. The company gets a customized product for the client, which is best suited to their needs. Faridani and the company are passionate about tracking results. The operational medium is such that every penny counts. Hence, the company pays very keen and close attention to the results they formulate for their clients and the swift reporting they receive from them.

BreezeMaxWeb collaborative and iterative approach means they work alongside clients as one integrated team.

BreezeMaxWeb manages Internet advertising campaigns for local businesses using GEO-targeted strategies to increase their clients’ online profiles. Doing this ensures maximum local exposure and increased lead generation. Faridani’s company is multilinguistic, multicultural, and has a range of different backgrounds and ethnicities offering multicultural advertising or multicultural marketing. Therefore, this marketing helps you communicate your ads with your particular ethnicity or language.


You have to stop struggling now with overwhelming activity in searching for virtual services you never meet. Faridani’s caring local experts come to you. You need to put to an end the juggling of multiple sources for your digital marketing approach. BreezeMaxWeb asses your needs, plan and implement everything for you as a one-stop-shop. Getting ranked on Google should not worry you anymore since Faridani’s team is the premier Google Canadian Partner. 

In conclusion, the world of digital marketing is fast, and the best way to keep up with the game is to get ahead of your needs before they catch up and surpass you. Faridani uses a client-centered approach to understand each client’s unique needs and expectations. According to the champ, it lets his company create a customized marketing plan and positions it at the forefront of your targets’ minds. BreezeMaxWeb provides you with the exposure you need to gain new clients, increasing your revenues and capturing the attention of people searching online for your products or services.