Meet Monique Marie – aka Coach Moni – Successful Business Coach Helping Small Businesses Grow

Fear of failure, lack of self-confidence, and self-doubts are often the biggest roadblocks to success. Both dreamers and realists often get tangled in their apprehensions which hinder them from unlocking major milestones. The to-and-fro cost-benefit analysis leads to crippling fear that will block the way to success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Monique Marie, aka Coach Moni, is channeling her spiritual boss lady energy to the best of her capabilities by helping small businesses grow. Focused on her powerful Free Spirit Formula of ‘Mindset, Marketing, and Manifesting,’ she refers to the metaphysical phenomena and making the impossible possible.


Helping in building soul-driven small businesses, Coach Moni is surely a force to reckon with as she designs the best business plans and creates strategies to make them sustainable. Born in San Jose, California, Coach Moni now resides in San Francisco. Her initial glimpse of an entrepreneurial journey was through her first love – fashion. She produced and organized fashion shows for fundraisers and events. She also briefly worked as a stylist for print ads and accomplished merchandise for retail. However, her career soared with her most recent achievement as she glided into the shoes of a business founder for her event and production company.

Coach Moni practices what she preaches. She composed an ebook, “Taste of Success – A Transformation Guide for Free Spirit Entrepreneurs” where she gave a detailed recount of how to start a business from the ground up with no money or resources.

Never one to shy away from challenges, Moni reached an exhausting rigmarole where she got really sick and overworked herself. The realization of her true goals hit her hard, and then there was no turning back for her. She decoded the universe’s message and delved deep into coaching. Her refuge proved to be a magnanimous success as her career skyrocketed as a life and business coach


Many entrepreneurs, who have worked with her, sing praises of her 12-week program. In a breakdown of four three-week sessions, the first phase is focused on the mindset shift and discovering inspiration and aspirations. Moving on to the next phase, the second phase focuses on business envision, future trajectory and a solid marketing strategy. The final phase is spent compiling all things together in a working document that targets the desired outcome to be manifested in the coming months.

If there is one thing Coach Mini appreciates the most, it’s her honesty with herself. Needless to say, her candor comes as a breath of fresh air. The thriving business coach prides herself in truly understanding her strengths, and without a doubt, that is the secret to her triumph!