When Did Pontiac Go Out Of Business?

Since the time Henry Ford’s Model T car promoted automobiles in 1908, organizations have worked resolutely to design, put together, market, and sell vehicle models that are better than ever. Sadly, some vehicle brands whose names were attached to the biggest and the most successful vehicle manufacturers have been questioned regarding sales and have been suspended. Regardless of whether or not it was out of monetary need or the longing to smooth out product offerings, major car brands have terminated production. One of them is Pontiac

When did Pontiac go out of business? Pontiac was one of the United States vehicle industry’s most notable brands but has at long last left business. It happened a year after its parent organization General Motors reported its closure in a significant restructuring. Set up in 1926, Pontiac came to exemplify the picture of the American muscle-car, with immensely well known models like the Bonneville, GTO and Firebird TransAm. The vehicles were included in Hollywood films during the 1960’s and the 1970’s. However, since the 1980’s the sales of this car had been decreasing and at last, General Motors disastrous monetary issues spelt the brand’s end.

When Did Pontiac Die?

From its foundations in the Michigan city of Pontiac during the 1920s, the main focus of the brand was the working class laborers. However, thirty years later the company almost  died but was resuscitated by General Motors when the organization linked up the vehicle to drag racing and it procured the image of being a muscle car. This was reported by Peter Bowes from the BBC reports in Los Angeles. The ready to race GTO, with an incredible V8 motor under its bonnet, helped the brand flourish during the 1960s.


In 1968, Pontiac’s business hit almost 1,000,000 sales, an accomplishment that was never to be rehashed. During the 1970’s, its profile went worldwide when Burt Reynolds drove a dark and gold Firebird in the hit film ‘Smokey and the Bandit’. Be that as it may, during the late 1990’s General Motors started to scale back its presentation picture. Moreover, the mechanical issues with a portion of the later models harmed the organization’s notoriety with individuals who purchased sports vehicles.

What’s more, is that lately, with General Motors’ inconveniences, Pontiac has been in terminal decline. At the end of the day, it was an evolving market, declining sales and a severe restructuring plan at General Motors that brought the drapery down on Pontiac. GM needed to safeguard itself from bankruptcy and Pontiac was one of its victims.

Will Pontiac Come Back?

There have been many speculations flowing around for a long while about whether or not Pontiac will come back. It was just a short time before General Motors decided that it was time to bring back Pontiac. Some people believe that the moment has finally arrived and that the CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra, has yielded in the favour of the Red Arrow badge. However, the possibility of Pontiac returning is obscure. The question that arises is if General Motors still actually possesses the division? Yes, they do. Although the company sold off SAAB and Hummer around then, however, they never sold Pontiac.

Moreover, whether or not they actually plan to bring it back depends on plenty of things. If they ever come up with a concept for feature and it receives an enormous positive reaction, then there are chances that General Motors will most likely restore Pontiac as a solitary vehicle from the outset. However, one has to keep in mind that the world has changed extraordinarily since those days when Pontiac was at its peak. This car not only needs to appeal to older generations, but also to the younger generation, many of whom are not too keen on driving. If there is no market potential, there will be no sign of a decent result for ROI, which means that there will be no Pontiac. This is just the cruel reality of business.

Why Did Pontiac Go Out Of Business?

Back in 2009 when General Motors declared its intention to suspend the brand before the end of 2010, fans and lovers of GM’s Pontiac brand were not happy at all. From that point forward, many have kept on thinking about the explanation behind Pontiac’s suspension, particularly given that the brand has been available for a very long time while starting to dispatch new items, for example, the G8 execution vehicle and Solstice roadster.

There were two fundamental reasons for GM’s decision to forgo with the brand.

  • Pontiac had not been profitable for General Motors during the last few years of its life. This put Pontiac in a deadly position given that GM was encountering extreme financial issues in the wake of its insolvency in 2009.
  • Pontiac was selling rebadged Chevrolet vehicles regularly at a lower cost than Chevrolet, in this manner gaining a loss for itself. It was also in addition undermining the Chevrolet brand through and through. A few GM representatives showed a final desperate attempt to save the brand, however their endeavors ended up being futile.
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When Did Pontiac Stop Making Cars?

For a long time, Pontiac (a brand of General Motors), made muscle cars and vehicles that became the signature of an entire era. This included iconic models like the GTO and Trans Am. Despite being the top selling brand in the United States for a long time, the authorities behind the brand were unable to come up with an innovative strategy that would have allowed Pontiac to continue. Therefore, unfortunately, although it was in business since 1926, Pontiac went out of business in April of 2009.

Is Pontiac A Good Brand?

When it was at its height of business, Pontiac was the brand everyone wished to have. It manufactured cool muscle cars which became all the hype and invented an entire culture that is still popular today. However, in its later years, it did not hold the charm it once did. The sales decreased and Pontiac was not able to keep up with its competitors.


When it comes to fans, Pontiac will always have a place in their hearts and each one is hoping for its revival despite the brand going out of business in 2009.

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