Meet Leo Valentino: An 18-Year-Old Entrepreneur, Who Will Change the World with You

Leo Valentino, an 18-year-old entrepreneur with about a million followers, is considered an inspiration by thousands of people around the world. And there is a reason behind Leo managing to influence so many people that too being in his teens.

While we live in a world that’s ravaged by competition, and most entrepreneurs can only think about making the maximum profit, Leo Valentino aspires to make this planet a better place.

The social media and coaching business of Mr. Valentino, does not hesitate in giving leadership in the hands of the younger lot. You might be surprised to know that the future leaders of this community are all under 30 years old. In fact, most of them are 18, 19, and 20-25 old individuals, passionate about creating change.

Leo focuses on bringing together people from all across the globe and teaches on topics such as mental health, confidence, self-development, and happiness. Things that actually matter but are rarely talked about! Leo has a special focus on normalizing self-development, positive mental health, and togetherness around the globe. 

He also aims to build hundreds of shelters, homes, hospitals, and food banks for the less privileged. Besides, Leo seeks to feed 1 million kids a year and host the #1 self-development event in the world yearly.

The young entrepreneur’s compassionate nature has been a blessing for many other young entrepreneurs who aspire to be a success like Leo. Leo not only guides entrepreneurs through the process of building a strong personal brand for their business but also helps them with their fear of facing the camera, building confidence, and use of the tools of social media. 

It won’t be wrong to say that Leo is majorly focused on community building, creating change, and making the world a better place.

And while, just like us, must be in awe of Leo and his kind and thoughtful nature, we have some information to pique your interest. Leo who is now an entrepreneur as well as the host of the Greater You is a college dropout!