What is MeWe?

Billing itself as a “Next Generation Social Network”, MeWe is designed to present an alternative social platform where users can roam freely without having the fear of data theft or censorship.

Are you afraid of sharing much about your life on social media platforms like facebook and instagram as your data might be taken without your consent and sold to another party? Well MeWe takes care of this fear of yours and saves you from social media manipulation which is uncontrolled and unreported.

MeWe is a growing social media platform where the users can trust the credibility of the site which keeps the privacy of its users as its first priority. It is an open platform for every user who can freely share their thoughts without having this concern of getting censored.

If you wonder what is MeWe, this article elaborates the growing popularity of this much needed social media platform and evaluates if it is able to outcast facebook in near future.

What is MeWe?

Like mainstream social media sites, MeWe is a social media service whose distinct feature is that it is ad-free and protects the data of users. Like other social media platforms, MeWe allows its users to post text and images on their timeline, make and join groups, share other member’s content and send disappearing messages and to take part in private or group chats.


The site can be accessed by the app which is available for both iPhone and Android devices or via any browser. It is similar in layout, appearance and functionality with Facebook but offers some additional features which are becoming the reason for its growing popularity especially among youth.

Following are some additional features of the service:

  • The content is shared based on chronological order because the platform does not use newsfeed algorithms as other social media sites use.
  • While sharing any post on their wall, users have the option to control who can see their individual posts. It has three options: “my contacts”, “Close friends”, “Public”.
  • Users can use the chat function to start chatting with their contacts and with the people who are in mutual groups; however a user can adjust the setting by restrict ing the chat only with his contacts. The chat feature allows the user to send text, images, links and voice notes.
  • In case one does not want unwanted contact they can block or report the users from the chat or through the user’s profile.
  • The platform overly focuses on data privacy and claims that the data is safe and it is not sold or shared.
  • More private and user friendly

The app is available in 20 languages which broadens the span of its use worldwide. 50% of its users are from North America, 26% from Asia, 23% from Europe and 1% from Australia. The company is working on expanding its use around the world.

How to sign up for MeWe?


If you are fade up of Facebook where you are always concerned about your privacy, MeWe is the option to go. Here is the guide for you on how you can set up your MeWe account and explore a new world of connectivity with a bunch of exciting features.

Set up your account

MeWe provides you a profile form that you need to fill where you will add information about your likes and dislikes and interests in things just to let the other people know who you are so that you can connect with people of similar interest.

Add pictures

Just like Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites you add a profile picture that shows your personality and a background picture. You need to upload these pictures carefully keeping in mind that people will extend their contact with you by seeing these pictures so made good ones so that you can find amazing people over the platform.

Invite your Facebook friends

Once you are done with setting your profile, you can invite your Facebook friends and let them know about this exciting app. People might not know about the app, you can add them so that you can enjoy their company on this new, safe platform.

Use MeWe

Now you can make new friends and join new groups that interest you. You can create your own group too where you invite and add people who are sharing similar thoughts with you. With mutual friends you can chat in groups and in private too.

Use the features of sharing text, super cool emojis, voice notes and links to the albums etc. Besides this, you can do everything you do on Facebook without having the fear of your data being monitored or taken without your concern.

Set your business page

Unlike other social media services, MeWe provides you exclusive reach to set your business on the platform. With just $1.99 per month you can set a business premium page which is much more organized than what all other social media services provide.

With premium business page businesses, brands, artists, can control the accessibility of their page. People who are interested can follow your business page but not post anything without the user’s permission. They can comment and give feedback to their posts.

As MeWe does not use social media algorithms that means 100% of your posts reach 100% of your followers without ads and algorithms getting in your way. You also don’t need to pay extra to boost your page.

Start chatting

Here you will find many people you connect to and start chatting. MeWe offers so many features to make chatting with friends more enjoyable. Here are some of the features that you can use to make your conversation even more fun:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Files
  • Emojis
  • Dual-Camera MeWe’s
  • Doodles
  • Stickers
  • Voice messages
  • GIFs
  • Private posts

Add stories

Like Facebook and Instagram, MeWe provides the features where you can add about your days and moments with your friends. Stories disappear after 24 hours so people who love to see them get back to you everyday. You can also control who can see your stories too with the given options.

You can add a slideshow of the stories of your entire day with adding more emojis and text just to make it look more engaging.

Paid subscriptions

If you enjoy being at MeWe, you can update your profile by purchasing premium subscriptions that allow you to enjoy added features. Just in $4.99 you can enjoy following exciting features:

  • Unlimited Voice and video calls
  • Video journals for your stories
  • Unlimited custom themes
  • 100 GB of MeWe cloud storage
  • Unlimited custom emojis and Stickers
  • Premium profile badge

Why is MeWe gaining so much popularity?

Facebook has enjoyed a lot of popularity in youth and has been the most popular social media site lately. But the recent scandals of the company selling data of its users without their consent to Cambridge Analytica and to other third party users has sparked distrust among its users. Also the censorship from Facebook on pressing issues has also disappointed many users who do not consider the platform which advocates free speech.


MeWe on the other hand seems to address these grievances of the users by claiming that the platform gives extended space to its users to share their thoughts as it does not censor any content and also it is more secure and private because it does not sell the data of users to advertisers. The owner tweeted that “no Ads, no targeting, no political bias, no news feed manipulation and no BS”.

This claim from Mark Weinstein gained the trust of the users who are increasingly joining the platform, finding it more convenient in sharing their thoughts more freely. In one week of last year alone, MeWe gained 2.5 million users and is currently hosting more than 18 million users.

As it ensures the users that it does not fill their newsfeed with third party ads and content which is a bonus for people who are more likely to turn away from ad-riddled social media platforms.

Recently the app gained more popularity in Hong Kong and the United States as Facebook seemed much more active in shutting down the content of its users during the riots. Many users started to migrate to MeWe from Facebook and the app became #1 downloaded social media app.

The new CEO of the company Jeffery Edells says that “people worldwide are migrating from Facebook, Instagram, and other major platforms to MeWe because it is the social network that respects its members as customers to serve and delight, not data to share, target, or manipulate”.

How MeWe’s business model is different?

From early on MeWe has relied on its commitment to privacy and remain ad-free. Nor will they use cookies and spyware to generate any content. That means it does not take users’ data to generate revenue from the advertisers rather it generates revenue from subscription fees. It offers a premium tier to its users which costs $4.99 per month.

Here the users enjoy additional features which those with basic free profiles do not get. With premium offers, the users enjoy unlimited voice and video calls around the world, unlimited themes to customize their app, unlimited pack of emojis and access to “Secret Chat” which is authorized with double ratchet encryption which does not even allow MeWe employees to access the user’s conversation.

The owner extends the news that the app has now 20 million users from which 20-30% are the users who have bought monthly subscriptions. This adds to the revenue of the company.

Other than that the company relies on donations and investors. Until last year, the company raised $23 million from funders such as former NFL executive Rick Smith, professional surfer Kelly Slater, designer Rachael Roy, and Earth wind and fire bass guitar player Verdine white. It also looks for investment from media or communication companies to excel in marketing.

Is MeWe free?

Like other social media platforms, a user can sign up for free using the app which is available on both iPhone and iOs or via any browser. Signing up is free and you don’t need to pay anything for creating your MeWe account and enjoy the basic features of the service.

The basic services include everything you enjoy on facebook and other social media sites like posting, chatting, creating and joining groups but for enjoying add on services like business page, custom emojis and themes you pay a little amount of $4.99 per month. You can cancel this subscription any time you feel.

Is MeWe overriding Facebook in the future?

The future of MeWe appears promising amidst concerns over Facebook’s handling of user data and content moderation. Recent scandals, including allegations of data sales to third parties and the Cambridge Analytica debacle, have driven a significant number of users to seek alternative platforms that prioritize data security and freedom of expression.

MeWe, established in 2012, has rapidly adapted its branding and services to meet evolving user demands. In a surge of nine million new users in recent months alone, MeWe has claimed the top spot among social media apps on iOS, showcasing its potential for growth and user satisfaction.

A notable trend is the migration of former Facebook users to MeWe, particularly those who felt targeted or censored for their viewpoints. MeWe’s less stringent content moderation policies have made it an attractive refuge for individuals seeking a platform where they can freely express themselves.

The platform’s appeal extends to various groups, including Trump supporters who experienced crackdowns on mainstream platforms post-2020 election and the events of January 6. MeWe’s user base has swelled from 90,000 active groups in June 2018 to millions presently, reflecting its increasing popularity and relevance.

While Facebook maintains its dominance in terms of user base and popularity, MeWe’s rapid ascent underscores its potential to challenge the social media giant. With its “privacy first” approach resonating strongly with users, MeWe stands poised to offer a compelling alternative to Facebook, provided it continues to prioritize user needs and preferences..


In today’s hyper-connected era, where online communication outweighs face-to-face interaction, the reliability of communication platforms has become paramount. Social media platforms play a crucial role in fostering connections among people, serving as more than just avenues for finding friends, but also as vital channels for businesses to thrive.

However, amidst the benefits lie significant concerns, particularly regarding privacy. Recent scandals, such as Facebook’s mishandling of user data, have heightened global apprehensions. In response, emerging platforms like MeWe are gaining prominence for their commitment to user privacy and data security.

These platforms offer a refreshing alternative, promising greater reliability and sustainability for users seeking secure online communication channels. As businesses and individuals alike navigate the digital landscape, prioritizing platforms that safeguard user privacy is essential for fostering trust and ensuring long-term viability.