Omar Choudhury, how he went from zero to helping thousands scale their brand on Instagram

Creating an abundant life through entrepreneurship is very possible despite what you may believe. Requiring hard work, perseverance, and a big enough goal, anything is possible. Omar Choudhury, aka OmarConnects, is the definition of an entrepreneur. From his humble beginnings to creating a successful online business, find out how Omar took initiative and changed his life around through a simple commitment.

Growing Up

Growing up in a low-income household and working low-income weekend jobs growing up, Omar had the odds stacked against him. His greatest achievement was getting into a prestigious degree apprenticeship, an opportunity to work at a Big 4 Accountancy firm whilst studying a paid degree. But during his second year, Omar realized that the 9-5 trapped him and it was just a sure way to live a boring and ordinary life. He needed to be different.

Grow With Us

At the start of 2020, Omar set up an online business and after a few months, he started to make a name for himself due to his ability to close deals. He then formed a partnership with Dre and Arthur and together they scaled Grow With Us Agency (GWU), now the number 1 ranking Instagram Branding Agency.  In the first-year GWU has helped over 1000 clients from across the world, scale and monetize their brand on Instagram, including 9 figure business owners within the company’s portfolio. Omar also trains the GWU sales team and has had helped hundreds of his mentees generate thousands of dollars online

. “2 of my favorite moments were seeing Dan, who had worked with me for 3 months pay off his entire student loan in 1 lump sum, and 15-year-old Miguel closing over $10K in 7 days only 4 weeks into working with me, despite his parents first saying no. Now he earns more than them!”. It’s clear to see that through sheer determination and the power of commitment, Omar has not only turned his life around but the lives of thousands too.

Reforming The Education System

Omar is focused on giving back to the community and providing others with the opportunity he never heads growing up. He would like to reform the school system and develop a program to teach new ideas and high-earning skillsets, something most teenagers don’t have. There is no doubt at 21 years old, Omar’s achievements are only going to increase.