Meet The Young Music Artist Amaru Son With Daemon Rapping Skills

Great artists not only create great works of art but they pour a bag full of contribution in shaping widespread culture and human experience for centuries to come. Amaru Son has unequivocally done the same through his consecutive mega-hits.

JaKealon Amaru Chase, better known by his stage name Amaru Son was born for vogue. It’s about time he begins to redeem his portion.

Growing up in a city which was globally recognized for its music and melody, Kansas City, Missouri, Amaru promptly fell in love with the art of music at a young age. But it was not until he was fatigued of being a superstar track and field athlete at the Missouri Southern State University that he tried his luck in the showbiz filled music industry


“My friends and family disapproved of my decision of quitting a rewarding sports career and making a leap to music”, recalls Amaru who has now become the voice of the young hearts. His super-charged song “Lost and Found” went viral amassing well over 6 million views on various platforms. Amaru continues to pump out rap, jazz, hip-hop, and much more solid content for his fans across the world.

All of Amaru’s success has come at a cost and none of it was an easy task. It was with out-and-out belief in his talents and absolute hard work that Amaru impressed his fandom. It is said ‘you are the average of five people you spend the most time with’ and this was true for this brilliant bloke as well. Amaru’s social circle consisted of music lovers and go-getters that consistently pushed him to the limits to do the same thus making his way to music.

Being an individual music artist, Amaru does A-Z work. He writes, sings, produces, and sometimes edits the songs himself. He has released two albums since the inception of his career, under the aegis 6 figures and Sad Boy 2, comprising 6 songs and 16 songs respectively. The cover of his music projects is designed by a close associate and graphic design artist Blue Nova which regularly features Japanese-style anime because Amaru has an adulation with anime – ‘DragonBallZ’ to be precise.

In 2019, the break-through year of Son’s music career, his songs were recognized and appreciated by well-known YouTubers such as Tommy Caze and I’m Dontai. His name is being mentioned among the likes of the great Iann Dior, Lil Uzi Vert, Trippie Redd, and Juice WRLD as an artist. This unprecedented and sky-scraping popularity prompted Amaru to connect with his fans on a deeper level. He did this by launching his own merch called ‘Amaru Son Merch’.


On his YouTube Channel and Instagram account, Amaru makes it a point to conduct Livestream and engage with his fans meticulously. His polite feedback, both positive and constructive, to the musical creations of his fans is also loved by his followers.

With everything that this young rapper has accomplished and continues to do so, the day is not far we see him performing in a jam-packed, crowd-filled, and mega-banging concert. 2021 has got much bigger projects scheduled for Amaru and his critics watch in awe as he goes on a conquer-spree of the music industry.

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