Meet Philly Artist J-Hustle, Who Is Buzzing The Music Industry

Justin Reed better known as his stage name J-Hustle, is an independent American rapper and actor. Born in New Jersey, now residing in Philadelphia for the past 20 years, J-Hustle got his name in the early 2000’s as he used to sell bootleg DVD’s, high fashion clothing, and what ever drug he could get his hands on. Always up to something J-Hustle fell in love with hip-hop at an early age,Living the lyrics. Hip-hop was more than music it was a lifestyle.

Always getting into trouble J-Hustle was in and out of jail cells and court rooms, In 2018 J-Hustle decided to follow his passion for music. Releasing songs like O-Yama, Next, gained international attention in the hip-hop world. Following up with visuals for both songs which he released on YouTube. You can find J-Hustle on all streaming music platforms as well as the new LIVIT App. In 2020 you can expect to see more of J-Hustle as he has started to gain national attention. The next J-Hustle release will come Feb 1st in which he will be releasing his highly anticipated single “Dollar Signs”.