Meet Kyree Hollis, The Digital Marketing Strategist Who Is Disrupting The Music Industry

Kyree Hollis is an Indianapolis born-digital marketing strategist and music influencer whose brand spans multiple platforms. 

Ever since his move to Los Angeles back in 2015, Kyree has successfully worked alongside renowned Hip-Hop and R&B acts like Diddy and Teddy Riley. Today, Kyree’s brand is known across the music industry and in this article, we will learn how he was able to set himself apart from the rest and become the notable professional he is today.


Making A Difference


In today’s society, there’s a lot of people who claim they are professionals in a particular field, the digital marketing and music industry especially. This saturation makes it tough for anyone without the right amount of skill and wit t

o penetrate the market.

Kyree was able to set himself apart from the rest by being the person that was always there to lend a helping hand. He always ensured that he went above and beyond for others, this allowed the people he worked for to see his work ethic which ultimately brought in a lot of referrals. 

Apart from this, Kyree also made good use of the social network and video platform, Thriller, to skyrocket his name. This helped him gain popularity amongst the younger generation and those who were loyal fans to the artists he worked for.

Today Kyree has pushed well-known records like Lil Tecca’s “Ransom” and Blueface’s “Daddy”, he’s worked with the best Hip-Hop has to offer. When asked to give a single word of advice for anyone wanting to achieve success, Kyree simply said, ” Always stay focused on the end goal” 


 Helping Others


Kyree runs a digital agency that helps artists push their music to selected audiences. In turn, this builds their digital impressions and notoriety. 

Some of Hollis’ day-to-day work includes managing social media accounts, publicity, streaming campaigns, and most frequently, digital marketing. 

At the start of the year, Kyree worked Hip-Hop mogul Cam’ron’s 2020 debut, Purple Haze 2, strategizing his critically-acclaimed return from hiatus.

In summary, Kyree’s agency helps artists with their Branding, digital marketing, creative consulting, event curation, A&R, and Artist development needs.


How Does He Do This?


Kyree is able to achieve all these through disruptive research. He analyses a lot of trends and always thinks of the next thing that would revolutionize the industry. 

“I like to create new avenues for things, especially in the digital marketing space.  With social media nowadays there are so many things you can do to attract someone’s attention.”- Kyree shares



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