How Much Money Can You Make With Uber?

Uber says its main goal is “to ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion.” Yet as the organization’s first sale of stock unfurled in May 2019, drivers all across the nation went on a strike to impugn its low wages and absence of advantages.

The ride-hailing organization opened up to the world at $45 an offer and has since dropped to around $40. On Thursday, in its first income report since the IPO, Uber demonstrated a revenue of $3.1 billion and lost $1.01 billion.

The organization marks its 3.9 million drivers as self employed entities rather than hired employees, a qualification that implies that it is not needed to give a lowest pay permitted by law or paid time off, remuneration for overtime or medical coverage. Also, drivers are on the whole on their own with regards to the constant costs of their vehicles, including insurance, fixes and gas. So, how much money can you make with Uber?

Uber says it offers individuals an option to choose with their own schedule. And keeping in mind that it demands its drivers are not workers, it says it’s focused on offering a support system to them.

The organization brings up that it as of late came up with a rewards program, which gets drivers money back on gas and limits on vehicle upkeep. Drivers can likewise pursue an injury protection insurance plan, in which they’d get a month to month check should they become harmed while working. Benefits incorporate assistance for tuition fees at Arizona State University.

How much money can you make with Uber?

According to the Uber website, “the money you make driving with the Uber app depends on when, where, and how often you drive”. However, Uber cuts its own share as well from whatever the drivers earn. For example, in New York alone, which is Uber’s biggest market, Uber takes a certain portion of every fare:

  • On UberX, which is the company’s cheapest service, Uber cuts 20 percent from the fare.
  • On UberBlack, which is the company’s black car service, Uber cuts 25 percent from the fare.
  • On the UberSUV, Uber cuts 28 percent from the fare.

Therefore, most people who are contemplating working as an Uber driver, often ask the question: how much money can you make with Uber? According to one driver’s interview with Slate magazine, he made $12 in one hour and that was after considering the repair and fuel costs and Uber’s share. On the other hand, Business Insider

found one driver who was in actuality only making $4.54 an hour. This confirms Uber’s statement concerning the question of how much can you earn from Uber, that the money you make actually depends on the location, time, and frequency of driving).

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make Per Ride?

Go to Uber’s enrollment page and you will see that they ensure an income of $2,600 from your initial 400 trips in more than 90 days. There’s fine print obviously, which shows getting to this number may require a top-up from Uber themselves, and that is a one-time offer as it were. And, after it is all said and done, on the off chance that you crunch the numbers, it works out that you are procuring an insignificantly low amount of $6.50 per ride, and you do not get the opportunity to keep the entirety of that. You would likewise need to deduct individual costs, for example, gas, maintenance and more to ascertain your net profit.

How Are Uber Wages Calculated?

You might be wondering how much you can make driving with Uber. The following factors help determine the amount you earn for each trip.

Standard fare

A fare is earned for every completed trip.


Keep on checking the heat map on your app from time to time. This will let you know the time and place where rider demand is high, and you can earn more on top of your standard fare.

Minimum trip earnings

In each city, a minimum amount is gained for any trip, including short ones. This makes sure your earnings reflect the effort you put in.

Service fee

App development and customer support are funded by this fee.

Booking fee

Security, regulatory and operational costs such as insurance are covered by this booking fee paid by the riders.


In some cases, if a rider cancels a request, you will receive a cancellation fee.

How To Make Money With Uber?

1. Know your local market.

You have to know when and where to drive generally in order to acquire the most beneficial fares. It is normal for admissions and requests to be higher on late Friday and Saturday evenings, particularly in downtown regions and different spots where individuals are probably going to be barhopping. Responsible drinkers will Uber to their first bar promptly earlier, but the demand is more spread out. Near to shutting time, you are probably going to see a surge of partygoers, done for the night and all set to go home.

2. Drive the right kind of car.

The individuals who need to drive for Uber on a more full time premise should seriously mull over putting resources and investing into a vehicle deserving of the Uber Black status. These business ride vehicles make premium admissions, however they should be dark (obviously!) and should be fresher than what Uber requires for X or XL vehicles.

3. Don’t chase the surge fares.

At the point when a surge fare is justified, Uber will push out text based notifications to drivers here. They are attempting to ensure that the interest for rides can be met, so they get more fulfilled clients. Drivers, realizing that a surge implies higher passages for them, will frequently attempt to time their driving around these increments. Notwithstanding, pursuing flood valuing can really have a contrary impact on what you anticipate. The issue with this is that at the point when a lot of drivers follow that text to exploit surge valuing, supply rapidly builds, which means costs fall back to their typical levels. You are in an ideal situation just knowing where there is probably going to be a high demand, and adhering to that zone consistently.

4. Find a place to wait

At the point when you are in the middle of rides, it tends to be enticing to drive around aimlessly, trusting Uber will ping you since you are near a possible ride. However, stop and think for a minute: driving around and around does not make it substantially more likely that you will get more rides. It puts more mileage on your vehicle and squanders gas. Obviously, both of these will decrease your overall gain. Your smartest option is to know about a couple of spots where you can stop and hang tight for some time. Stick near to zones where you are probably going to get rides, yet do not drive or inert your vehicle.

5. Use Back to Back Rides

In 2015, Uber acquainted its Back with Back Rides feature. This lessens wait time and does this by permitting you to acknowledge another ride that is near the end of your present ride’s route. Indeed, you can acknowledge the new ride while you are actually driving your present ride. At that point, when you hit End Trip, you will be on to your next pickup.

6. Toggle between systems, if you can

One way that you can make a greater amount out of your driving time is to utilize two distinctive ride sharing frameworks: both Uber and Lyft. The vehicle capabilities for Lyft are a little more tough, yet on the off chance that your vehicle qualifies, you can really function as a driver for both systems.Here’s the way it works:

  • At the point when you start your driving period, sign into both Uber and Lyft.
  • At the point when you get a ride from one framework, log out of the other.
  • Complete the ride, and any consecutive rides you may procure.
  • On the off chance that you end up waiting once more, sign back into the other system, as well.
  • Repeat

By utilizing the two frameworks at the same time, you can remain busier and avoid those benefit eating slack occasions.

How To Make $100 A Day With Uber?

For those of you who might want to join the Six Figure Club (SFC), it is generally pretty straight  forward. Charge $50 an hour for 40 hours per week for 52 weeks straight and you will get the SFC welcome via the post office! Obviously, you would get the chance to build up some significant abilities, however that is the thing that school, college and every one of those additional hours side hustling were for. Apart from that, once you actually start Uber driving, you learn the ins and outs and gain valuable experience.

On the off chance that you make $100 an hour working 40 hours every week, you will make $17,333 per month and $208,000 per year. That is the point at which you will truly have the option to live comfortably in any costly city on the planet. Interestingly, if you have a good vehicle, a moderately perfect record, a smart phone, and an eagerness to work hard, you can presumably acquire six figures from Uber too. Here are some ways in which you can make $100 a day with Uber:

  • If you have more than one car, then lend out the second one to a reactive or a friend for a portion of the profits they make (maybe 20% or 30%, that solely depends on you.
  • Make sure that you receive a rating. With a high rating, you can gain access to the lucrative routes. This restricts the number of Uber drivers on any given day and because of that abnormally low supply of drivers, you can earn way more than you normally do.
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  • If you have a good record as an Uber driver, then some passengers can even hire you to be their personal driver. This way, you can earn from being an Uber driver as well as a personal driver. Alot of drivers have reported instances where their passengers hired them.
  • Some drivers have also reported to have received a significant sum under the ‘Other’ category (some even earning up to $300). Every new driver earns a bonus after giving a certain number of rides. So if you refer to some other driver who completes a certain number of rides, you can also benefit from that.

Is Being An Uber Driver Worth It?

It is important to keep in mind that the actual amount you earn can be less than what is advertised. The job of being an Uber driver is not lucrative enough to represent your main source of income. However, some sort of side income is better than no side income. In order to earn extra money on the side, rideshare driving is definitely a good option, but it is not easy money and any career cab driver will confirm this.

Out of the total profit you earn with Uber, a large chunk of expenses and taxes will be taken out. So if you want to earn more, you will need to learn how to minimize your expenses, optimize your taxes and find the most profitable rides. Therefore, it is up to you and the strategies you use to make your uber driver experience worth it.


As with any other business, Uber also requires strategic planning from your end. You will have to know the area where you can attract passengers and where driver supply is also minimal. On top of that, keeping the peak hours in mind is also essential. As an Uber driver, you would have to understand how you can minimize expenses, maximize tax write-offs, and place yourself to take benefit of surge pricing to triple your average fare.