Business Insider with Salem Nasser

“Improvise, ameliorate, strategize and adapt” this is the business analogy of a successful Qatari businessman Salem Nasser. “When you are facing hurdles and precarious predicaments are hampering your work, always improvise and adapt to achieve better results”. Salem entered into the world of business in 2008 and started his 2 companies SBN General Trading Company and Diyar Al-Ezz Company for New Cars Trading. His experience and values in the business far surpass his peers and he is considered a successful and competent businessman among his rivals. We asked him about his success and he generously shared his experience and knowledge with us which is not only inspiring but also filled with the answers of certain contemporary questions related to business.

Salem believes that a good teacher nurtures the best in a person. If you are blessed with an honest and supportive teacher, you will find the doors of success just by learning from. Salem also gives all the credits of his success to his mentor who is also his father who supported him and taught him all the ups and downs of the business. “My role model is my father who supported me from the beginning and even now whenever I face difficulties, I always go to him for guidance”.

When asked about the economic condition of the country and whether the policies of Qatar are beneficial for the businesses or not, he gave a positive response. According to him the Qatar leadership and management are taking all the right steps to promote businesses and the policies of the Qatar government favours businessman. He also lauded the management role for their efforts to boom the economy.

Salem also has very distinguished and peculiar thoughts when it comes to the COVID pandemic. He has an optimistic approach toward this predicament. He insisted that even in these precarious times, there still lies opportunities for those who look for it. “It is true that the world is facing an unprecedented crisis in the form of COVID pandemic, but the present situation still holds lots of golden opportunities for the people who are ready to improvise and ameliorate and adapt. Even though some businesses are still going to shut down, it will also change the industry for better”.

Salem likes meeting new and intelligent people and tries to learn from them. He also welcomes productive people on his team with open arms. He believes that a business can only be run successfully if you have hardworking and productive people. “I always try to find passionate, productive and innovative people who have a burning desire for success. I have gathered a team of very talented individuals who are always trying their best to achieve their goals. And this is one of the main keys for a successful business”.

When asked for the advice for the new and existing businesses, Salem stated that the best way to be successful is to work hard and be diligent. He reiterated that the love of work and the burning desire to achieve your goals is the only motivation a person needs. “My advice for our younger generation is to work until you can’t work anymore.  While people are sleeping you should be constantly outdoing the competition. Be optimistic, be diligent, set your goals and then work hard to achieve your goals. Your love of work will one day pave your path to the successful future”.