Create a compelling Facebook ad

Since the dawn of social media, Facebook has occupied the leading role in uniting and connecting people. Nowadays, its functions have significantly expanded, creating a worldwide marketplace, which brings together businesses and consumers. Businesses reach their consumers through one of the most popular channels for communication; consumers have a mix of communication and shopping – a win-win solution.

Initially, all Facebook marketing seemed to be less challenging than now, when there is no more novelty and people are used to seeing and skipping ads. How to make your ad visible in the ocean of newsfeeds? Let’s look into it.

1. Target Group

You probably heard of this requirement a million times, however, it’s the first and foremost thing to do. It’s recommended to create the customer avatar – the portrait of a typical customer, their life, habits, behavioral patterns, and life goals. The closer the portrait, the more chances you have to reach the person’s attention.

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make at the beginning is setting too vague defining options, like age group, geographical location, and interests. Such a general vision will cover too many people, who will get annoyed with your ads and will find time to block them continuously.

2. Balance

The advertisement must be short and sweet. Imagine the newsfeed, full of personal stuff, catchy and vivid photos, and ads, will anyone notice the crammed ad with endless descriptions? The chances are closer to zero. Your ad is given 1-2 seconds to catch the attention, otherwise, it’s scrolled down. Everything on the ad should be balanced – heading, image, offer, etc. 

– The heading shouldn’t exceed 5 words, that’s the maximum people can catch the glimpse of.

– The layout must be clear, with enough space for every part of the ad to be noticed. When planning on the layout, it’s worth checking the Facebook ads template, to see what ideas are the most successful. 

– The image is a high-quality showcasing of the product. 

3. Individualize the ads

Don’t try to fit all the offers into one ad. When people have a too big choice, they feel frustrated and unable to decide what they what, which is known as ‘decision fatigue’. Each kind of product needs an individual advertisement and ‘on-air’ time. It will promote every specific line of products you have, and, the statistics will tell you which things aren’t accepted by the public. 

4. Be clear with a call-to-action statement (CTA)

Your ad is given just up to 1,5 to reach your clients, thus, the value proposition should be placed in the front center with a clear and easily performed CTA

For instance, a CTA statement is often about buying something with a 1-50% discount. Is this a feasible approach? Hardly, as it’s not clear. 

Mention a specific amount of money your customer is going to save or get as a part of a next–purchase discount. The percentages are not saying anything, as there’s no initial price, and it takes time to consider the value of the offer. “Save $10-50” speaks louder and clearer. 

5. Be consistent

The landing page and the ad must be visually synchronized. The advertisement is just a bait that leads the potential buyers to the website or the page. When clicking on the link, they expect to see the development of the idea, briefly mentioned in the ad. Such similarity can be reached by the means of fonts, colors, the mood of the page, shared elements, a logo of the brand, etc. 

If you elaborate on the ad and then the user is sent to a landing page, which is far less attractive, your investment into the ad will not pay off. 

6. Consider the colors

Every color scheme you use has specific functionality in terms of attraction and psychological influence. The color solution performs three main ways:

  • Attract attention by the usage of contrasting colors;
  • Evoke certain emotions and feelings;
  • Create and complement brand identity. 

The choice of colors is heavily influenced by the target audience as well. While youngsters will be caught by something bright and compelling, seniors will appreciate calm and peaceful colors. Besides, the geographical location matters as well, considering the popularity of the colors in various countries with facebook


7. Perfection of the people component

Oftentimes, the ads contain a perfect picture of a family, friends spending a super entertaining evening together, a perfectly dressed woman with a mysterious smile, a muscular man in the classic outfit, happily smiling teenagers visiting their grandparents, etc. Such images are supposed to spread positivity, yet they are quite far-fetched and too perfect. People start comparing their real-life snapshots with the ones they see in the picture, and obviously, the majority will lose the fight. 

Instead of an ideal picture, go for real people, with genuine smiles, colors, and figures, and make them the center of your marketing strategy.  

Creating Facebook ads that convert is rather challenging nowadays, it may take quite a few unsuccessful tries before you figure out what your potential buyer expects and what you can offer them. However, the results are well worth the effort.