Women Empowerment Advocate Amanda Biccum Shares All about Her Journey to Establish a Global Sisterhood, Embodied Empire

The current landscape of female entrepreneurs continues to transform the lives of millions of people across the world, particularly in areas of coaching and mentorship. Amanda Biccum is a leading female intimacy coach with a unique philosophy and outlook on women empowerment and sexuality. 

Amanda believes that it is high time that women free themselves of taboo topics like female sexuality and pleasure. According to her, they have led to women being unaware of their bodies and embedded a sense of shame.

An advocate of women empowerment, Amanda aims to help women feel confident in themselves and their bodies so that they can enjoy better physical relationships. She provides online coaching to women to help them reconnect to their bodies, rediscover their pleasure and reclaim their power so they could have the relationships they crave and the lifestyle they desire. She has set up her membership platform,

The Embodied Empire that she cites as the Netflix for sacred sexuality. 

Amanda works hard to enable women to reestablish a positive connection with their bodies, their pleasure, and their sexuality so that they can enjoy fulfilling relationships. Talking about her entrepreneurial journey, Amanda explains how yoga helped her connect to spirituality within her. “My journey with entrepreneurship began as a yoga teacher while I was living in San Diego. Yoga was my saving grace, it got me out of the party college lifestyle and helped me connect to a deeper part of myself (my spirituality) that I was very much missing.” 

Yoga exposed her to a holistic lifestyle which intrigued her to the extent that she traveled the world for nearly a decade. She learned and absorbed ancient eastern religions, traditions, and healing modalities. She says, “I studied everything from Shamanism in Central America to Tantra, Taoist and Buddhist practices in Thailand to Yogic philosophy and Hinduism in India.”

Being away from her societal conditioning for so long and learning about wellness and health helped her realize her love for entrepreneurship.

“I began to ask myself what truly makes me happy and how I desire to live my life. I realized I never wanted to work for someone else doing something I didn’t love.”

Once she realized this, she was unstoppable. She decided to pursue her passion and share it online with a hungry audience. Without any marketing or digital knowledge, she has developed her online programs that teach women how to set boundaries, build passionate relationships, connect women to their menstruation cycles and their bodies through self-pleasure practices, polarity work and so much more. 

Today, Embodied Empire is a global sisterhood that is a raging success and created a movement on sex positivity and healthy relationships. 

Follow Amanda Biccum on social media and get in touch to be a part of the empire. 

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