Meet Naida Mehanović: A Lawyer and Human Rights Advocate Who Is Actively Working to Right the Wrongs in Society

The post-pandemic era has seen some social evils run rampant in the world. The coronavirus pandemic has had disproportionate and life-threatening impacts on society, leading to a deeper and broader pandemic of social chaos. In such chaotic times, the human rights advocate Naida Mehanović is using her voice to uproot the dilemmas and conflicts rooted in society.

Naida was born in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, during the times when the city was under the most prolonged siege in the history of modern warfare. Hailing from a country that was ravaged by war, Naida experienced many difficult times from a very young age. The devastating state of her beloved homeland was unbearable, and she had ambitions to bring about change by helping her fellow citizens who could not help themselves.

Growing up, Naida considered many professions that would assist her in her mission to be an advocate. She had always wanted to become someone who would actively work not just for her own betterment but also for that of society as a whole. She had seen war and knew what it felt to live in the most unlivable circumstances, which led to her decision to make things better for the new and younger generations of her homeland.

Naida was aware of the fact that change comes from within, so her passion for her homeland’s betterment started with figuring out her own passions. At first, she wished to become a doctor, hoping to change the miserable state of the flawed healthcare system in her country. She being an advocate was constantly looking forward to becoming someone who would help her country succeed on a larger scale, both globally and internationally. When she learned about the law in high school, she instantly knew she was destined to become a lawyer.

Being a semi-developed country, Bosnia and Herzegovina is in pressing need of legal and economic enhancement. In this manner, Naida is practically using her law knowledge to enhance the legal structure across B&H. Her real estate agency, Primavera, provides legal assistance in the realty industry. Meanwhile, being the president of Sarajevo Canton Youth Council, Naida is also working for the legal matters by being an advocate and rights for the youth and the educational framework of her country.

Naida’s path was quite thorny for a woman, but as a Balkan, constantly trying and not giving up was intrinsic. Currently, she is using all her means to advocate for human rights, especially for the younger generation. She believes that young and promising people can change their homeland’s fate which the continuous sieges and the pandemic have ravaged. Connect with her on LinkedIn to know more about how she has become an inspiration for millions of young Balkans.