When Is The Best Time To Post On Instagram

Wondering when is the best time to post on Instagram? For Instagram marketing and influencer marketing, posting on appropriate timing is as important as posting engaging content. Read more to get to know about the importance of the best time to post on Instagram.

Instagram has over 700 million monthly active users, and its popularity is growing as smartphone cameras improve their ability to take high-quality images and videos. Most people want a high following when they create an Instagram account because it allows them to build a brand, advertise a product or service, and enter the world of social stardom where they are seen as an authority, influencer, and role model.

Everyone needs traffic as a blogger or an internet entrepreneur. Traffic simply refers to the number of individuals who visit your website or blog. Everyone using the web at any one time is a part of internet traffic, just as everyone you see in their cars on your way to work is a part of real-world vehicular traffic. Paid traffic is an important component of every professional online marketing strategy.

Not everyone knows about the optimal time to publish on Instagram. Because Instagram does not make this information readily available to all of its users, most people are unaware of it when they first register an account. Without precise timing, it is practically impossible to get things right on Instagram. Knowing when to post on Instagram can help you become the superstar you want to be. When you are attempting to establish a name for yourself online, it always works in your favor.

Best time to post on Instagram

Because each brand targets a unique demographic with unique social media behavior patterns, each brand may have a somewhat different sweet spot for publishing on Instagram. However, there are several best practices you may follow that consistently produce excellent outcomes. Because the Instagram algorithm promotes recency, publishing when your followers are online is essential. If all other factors are equal, a fresher post will appear higher on the newsfeed than an older one.

When it comes to optimizing a post for success, recency is one of the quickest and easiest gains. It is important to understand Instagram’s marketing strategy and specific objectives. In general, one’s past successes are a good reference for when one should post on Instagram.

According to the observations and results of some experiments, the universal best time to post on Instagram is as follows:

Wednesday at 11 am

Instagram users are most likely to interact with posts throughout the middle of the day and on weekdays as it is an ideal time to unwind after a long day at work or school by browsing, liking, and commenting on Instagram posts. So, if you are new to Instagram and do not have a lot of historical data or audience insights to work with, try publishing around this time and see how it goes.

As your account goes up, you may want to adjust your posting schedule to better match the Instagram activity patterns of your target audience. This is the best criteria to find out when is the best time to post on Instagram. One of the best tools to schedule Instagram posts through is Hootsuite. It is simple to see when Hootsuite’s Instagram audience is online using the activity heatmap from Hootsuite’s analytics. North American business to a business audience can be targeted best when one hits the wakeup or lunchtime hours for pacific time zone audience, and then sitting down to work or logging off hours for Eastern time zone audience.

Overall, an Instagram content calendar should follow the same data-driven principles as the rest of your marketing campaign. Here are some crucial Instagram statistics, benchmarks, and demographics to help you schedule:

  • Businesses average one post per day to their feeds.
  • A post from a business account has an average interaction rate of 0.96 percent.
  • 63 percent of American Instagram users check the app at least once each day, and 42 percent check it multiple times per day.

How to find the best time to post on Instagram?

Review your top-performing posts

To begin, evaluate the type of performance you want to achieve, whether it is brand recognition or engagement. Depending on which of these is more important to you, how you schedule your Instagram posts may differ. It is also equally important to know which of your previous posts received the most views, when did you make this public, and how do these posts differ from those that receive likes.

Instagram analytics is the most reliable source of statistics. As not all analytics tools are created equal, ad some social media management tools might assist you in avoiding time-consuming data analysis.

Target audience

Examine when your target audience is most engaged on social media. Checking your analytics to get to know when your followers are scrolling through their feed is the next step in determining the optimum time to post.

Competitor’s posting schedule

Your competitor may be performing some of the same calculations and tests as you, depending on your industry. It is helpful to check on what is working for audiences in your field with social listening or even a thorough social competitive analysis. Because many businesses post at 8’ O’clock in the morning, consider posting a few minutes earlier or later to avoid competing for limited shelf space.

Time zone of the target audience

It is important to post in the time zone of your target audience if you have a global audience. Instead of setting some genuinely heinous alarms, it has now become easy to deal with postings by scheduling Instagram posts. Using Instagram scheduling to ensure your posts go up at the proper time, day in and day out is one of the finest tools to help you achieve this.


It takes a lot of effort to optimize your Instagram photos and videos for growing; after all, it is more than just picking up the appropriate filter. However, crunching the data once a quarter to determine the best time to post is one of the simplest ways to ensure your content reaches the target audience.

The business to a business audience is spending more time on their phones, which is reflected through their Instagram usage and is seen to spread out throughout the day. For this, set a reminder in your calendar to assess your results and make improvements as the world and audience attitudes change.


It is important to show up on a regular basis over time. It is integral to be systematic about your posting if you want to get the full benefits of all this audience data. While you would not see a dramatic increase by posting a few hours sooner every now and then, consistently making use of the data will shift the needle over time.

Your audience becomes accustomed to seeing your brand on their feed, enjoys your content, and engages with it. Showing up on Instagram on a regular basis builds credibility, trust, and a valuable connection. At the end of the day, the algorithm notices when you have an authentic engagement with your audience.

Why do some people have more followers on Instagram?

Instagram’s influence is undeniable. It is a social media platform that allows businesses and brands to engage with their customers and increase sales. However, for every individual or business with a large, enthusiastic following there are thousands more who do not. Instagram has a lot of potential, but you have to be smart enough about how you employ it.

Sharing captivating images

Instagram is a photo-sharing social media platform. So, if you want to gain more followers on Instagram, spend some time making sure your photos are engaging. Also, include fascinating content as well as well-composed and eye-catching g posts on Instagram.

Like photos

Like all other social media platforms, engaging with others on Instagram is essential. To gain more Instagram followers, begin by liking a lot of posts related to your niche to make people follow you. Leaving comments is also beneficial. However, make sure they are authentic and not spam. Also, follow accounts that you like.

Upload posts at the right time

According to research, the best time to post on Instagram is on Wednesday at 5’O clock. This could be correct for your page or it could be incorrect. Wednesday may or may not be a good day for you, depending on your niche, the demographics of your followers, and other factors unique to your niche and content. It takes time to figure out when is the best time to post on Instagram for your targeted audience, so keep track of the likes and comments on each post and start looking for any patterns that appear at different times of the day.

Make use of hashtags

Using the appropriate hashtags on Instagram might help you earn a lot of followers. Many people look for specific hashtags, and if your posts contain that hashtag, it will be there for them to find. Hashtags can assist your posts to reach a large number of individuals who are not necessarily interested in your account, or who do not follow you personally. You may substantially enhance the reach of your content by just employing hashtags.

Host a contest

Post a funny or interesting post to your account, and provide a giveaway to the person who comes up with the greatest caption. You may run your contest using applications like heyo, wishpond, and agora pulse

Links to other social media sites

Invite people who follow you on other social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, to follow you on Instagram. Make it simple for people to connect with you in a variety of ways.

Best time to post on Instagram for likes

The Instagram algorithm continues to function as it always has, whether or not you can see Instagram likes. That implies you will have to put in more effort to keep your followers interested in your posts. One can use social media tools to get an idea of the days and timings best for posting on Instagram for likes. In order to get free Instagram likes, you can employ these smart tricks:

  • Use right hashtags
  • Tag the relevant users
  • Write compelling captions
  • Tag your location
  • Get on the explore page
  • Post at the right time
  • Run a contest
  • Post captivating and engaging images
  • Engage outside your feed
  • Post the user-generated content
  • Post behind the scenes
  • Ask people for their opinion
  • Host a takeover
  • Watch what works for your competitors
  • Ask people to tag their friends
  • Embrace the memes

Best times to post on Instagram UK

In the United Kingdom, Instagram had roughly 28.81 million users. Based on analytics data, some outstanding studies have been conducted regarding when it is ideal to post on Instagram. While it may seem logical to post during peak hours on weekends, data reveals that audience interaction is best on weekends, particularly on Saturday mornings after 11’O O’clock. However, there are some apparent benefits to posting throughout the week, such as fewer competitors and possibly more attention in your postings.

How to schedule Instagram posts?

Many business owners today have understood the necessity of using Instagram in their marketing efforts. Instagram, as the most popular photo-sharing network, has a lot of potential for attracting more people who could become your clients.

However, due to time limits, it is not always possible for busy business owners to submit an update on this famous photo-sharing network on a daily or several times a day as frequently as they would want. There are now social media assisting tools out there that allow you to schedule your postings.



is a web-based solution that allows you to manage numerous Instagram accounts at the same time. Users can also invite other administrators to assist them in managing their accounts. While instapult only allows submitting a single image, you can still edit and apply filters to your photos. Posts that have been scheduled can also be deleted at any moment.

There are three subscription options available for this tool, but you may test it out for free for a week.


Latergramme allows you to schedule Instagram posts on a laptop or through their mobile ios app, but you must post them yourself, and only single photos are permitted.


You can submit single or many photographs and videos to schedugram and schedule them for Instagram posting. After you have uploaded your photographs, you can edit them to make them look the way you want them to on the site. Your photos can be cropped, retouched, and given special effects.

You may also request an email notification once your photos have been published when scheduling. In addition, if you need help scheduling postings, you can grant different individuals access to the many accounts you administer.

Schedugram offers a free trial, and if you enjoy how it works, you may pay a small monthly cost to continue using it.


Takeoff allows you to plan the publication of your photos, but it does not publish them for you; you must do so manually. You also would not be able to apply filters or effects to your photos because you will have to open a separate editor to do so.

Takeoff provides a mobile app for both android and ios devices, which gives it an advantage over similar products like latergramme. Takeoff also provides hashtag suggestions and indicates the optimal time to post while your followers are actively engaged on Instagram. Multiple accounts can be managed, and a free trial is provided.

Things to consider while scheduling posts on Instagram

When it comes to using Instagram for business and being able to schedule Instagram posts, the first thing to remember is that you must upgrade your account to a business account. Many functionalities that aren’t available on the personal platform are available when you create a corporate Instagram account. So do that first, then proceed with the remainder of the steps.

Use of social media managing tools

To efficiently schedule Instagram posts, utilize various apps like Hootsuite.com, Later.com, and HopperHq.com. Upload your content directly from your laptop or PC, or hire a virtual assistant to handle it for you. Forget about the hassle of posting individually from your phone. With a business account, simply schedule each post using these scheduling programs. When publishing photo albums or videos, complete the process on your phone.

Engaging with followers

Despite the fact that you can now employ apps to schedule Instagram posts without using your phone, you must still make yourself interact with your followers. Even if you may schedule using your laptop, you do not want to forget to check Instagram and respond to those who respond to you and comment on posts of other people. It is important to remember that social media is all about interacting. Engaging with followers on Instagram is an important key.

Instagram scheduling

Some businesses claim to be able to automate the process of gaining more likes and shares for you. The truth is, though, that this is a lousy notion. While it may be amusing to automatically follow and like individuals who leave comments or use a hashtag you create, the best way to do this is to do it yourself. Do it yourself or have your virtual assistant do it for you if you really want an active and legitimate following. Otherwise, you risk having your account blocked.

Do not spam your audience

Instagram is really good at taking out spammers. As a result, you must avoid appearing spammy. If you have a lot of photos from the same event, make a photo album out of them. Additionally, aim to provide more free stuff than you promote. They advise that after three posts, you should only be promoted once. So, three times you should post useful information, and the fourth time you should advertise.

Avoid content from being scheduled too far ahead

If you schedule your postings too far in advance, you risk offending people. However, if you pay attention to the news and are able to interrupt your schedule, you may be rescued if anything unexpected could be misinterpreted on a bad day and should be avoided at all costs.

Always double-check your post before scheduling or publishing it. Check for errors and make sure that there is nothing incorrect with your image that could be misinterpreted or that you don’t want out there. Post on a frequent basis, include relevant hashtags and return the favor by following your followers.


Millions of people around the world love Instagram, and it’s easy to see why: sharing photos with friends has never been simpler. Beyond personal use, Instagram serves as a powerful tool for both networking and marketing. If you run a business and aim to promote it online, Instagram can be an excellent platform for promotion.

To maximize your reach, focus on the best times to engage your target audience. Numerous tools are available to help you schedule Instagram posts, ensuring you capture the highest engagement levels. By leveraging these tools, you can effectively boost your online presence and connect with your audience more efficiently.