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How To Change The Background Color On Your Instagram Stories? The Ultimate Guide

Instagram stories are trendy nowadays; everyone wants to be creative and upload their picture creatively. Follow this article, “how to change the background color on your Instagram stories,” and make your story creative.

Instagram, one of many social media platforms, has grown to be one of the greatest and receives a tonne of traffic as a result of the popularity of social media. Every blogger wants to stand out and attract more readers and clicks. Are you concerned about the low click-through and visibility rates on Instagram? It’s time to make some changes to your Instagram account so that it becomes more inventive and practical.

Starting with the color of your Instagram story background, you can make modifications. You may learn how to alter the backdrop color of your Instagram story by reading the information provided below. The background color of your Instagram story is one of several ways you may edit it. There are two main ways to alter the background color of your account. Using one will depend on whether you want to add a photo, a video, or just text and stickers to your story.

Nothing on social media changes more regularly than your Instagram story, which constantly evolves. When Snapchat created a platform where users could communicate photos and videos that would vanish quickly after being opened, It first established the idea of transitory content. When Instagram introduced Instagram stories in 2016, it brought a function that mimicked the concept of quick, digestible information.

You may already be aware that frequently posting on Instagram is one of the most important things to do for marketers, influencers, and business owners. And while being able to grow your following and interact with them is exciting, creating original, on-brand content so frequently can be challenging.

This article will deliver details about how to change background color on IG story, how to change background color of the question box on IG story, how to use Instagram questions sticker background, and why you should change the background color on your instagram story.

How to change background color on IG story?

Instagram stories are becoming more inventive; there are many new things to play around with, from interactive Instagram story stickers to responsive AR filters. Are you prepared to begin? We will give you the greatest Instagram stories advice you (likely) don’t already know.

How to modify your Instagram story’s background color?

Use the sketch tool in the top right corner of the screen and choose a new color to change the backdrop color of an Instagram story. After that, tap the screen and hold it there for 1-3 seconds. Once you’ve shared a feed post to reports, It will fill the background of the bar with the color of your choice. If you’ve started a new tale, adding a layer of paint to your image or video will fill the entire screen.

The remaining portion of your image or video can then be revealed using the eraser tool to produce a “ scratch card” appearance. To change the eraser’s size, tap the eraser symbol in the top right corner of the screen and use the slider on the left side. Now swipe or tap on the screen area where you want to show the hidden image.

Fill the background of your Instagram s tory with a picture

When you share a nourishing post to your stories, you may change the backdrop color and add a background image from your camera roll. Here’s how to change the Instagram story’s background to an embodiment. Pick “add post to your story” after picking the post you wish to share on Instagram. Select the Instagram “add from camera roll” sticker by pressing the sticker tray.

Go through your photos to find the one you want to use as the background for your story. Using two fingers, expand the additional image, then slide the feed post to the side of your Instagram story screen (in a pinch motion). While doing this, tap and hold the first feed post with your thumb. Then, it will appear at the top of the screen.

As people often tap here while browsing stories, placing the feed post on the right side of the screen will improve users’ likelihood of tapping it. Use an Instagram stories template app like unroll or storyline if you haven’t yet accessed the “Add from camera roll” sticker in tales.

More colors are available in Instagram stories

Instagram stories offer a vibrant platform for showcasing your brand’s personality. However, if Instagram’s standard color palette doesn’t include your brand’s specific hues, don’t worry! There’s a hidden trick in Instagram Stories that unlocks a full spectrum of colors. Start by launching your story and selecting the drawing tool. Press and hold one of the default color options at the bottom of the screen to reveal the extended color slider. From here, you can glide through and pick the perfect shade for your story.

To add a creative twist, why not give your text a rainbow effect? Here’s how: Open your Instagram story and type your message. Select the text by tapping it, then press and hold on the color palette at the bottom while it’s still highlighted. With one finger on the color slider and another on your text, drag both fingers simultaneously toward the left side of the screen. As you move your fingers along the color spectrum, each letter of your text will begin to change color. For more dynamic effects, alter the direction of your drag across the screen, and watch as your text transforms with a variety of hues.

This technique not only enhances the visual appeal of your stories but also engages your audience with eye-catching, colorful messages.

Change the look of your emojis

If you’ve ever wanted to make your emoticons stand out more on Instagram stories, this trick is for you. To add extra depth or shine to your emojis, open your accounts, tap the screen to open the text tool, and browse each font until you find one you like.

Customize the font in your story

One excellent technique to make your content seem a little more “on-brand” is to use a distinctive typeface. Here’s how to use a unique typeface to distinguish your Instagram stories. First, download the GoDaddy studio (formerly over) mobile app. Airdrop the font’s OFT file to your smartphone after downloading. Choose “over” from the menu that opens.

After applying your custom font, you can write a line of text on a translucent background or use one of the program’s many narrative templates to create stories. By utilizing the “add from camera roll” sticker, you can add it to your tales after saving it to your camera roll.

Use the eraser tool to make interesting effects

Did you know you could add all kinds of creative effects to your instagram stories with the eraser tool? Upload a photo of your choosing and then add a product using the sketch tool. Then, to create a 3D look, use the eraser tool to delete a portion of the zigzag. You can use the eraser tool in various ways to add stunning design effects to your instagram stories. It is just one of them.

Enhance your account with your brand colors

Even if Instagram has a wide variety of colors, it can be challenging to choose a particular one. Thankfully, there is an Instagram solution. To upload an image with the color of your choice to Instagram Stories, use the ad from the camera roll sticker. Use the color picker tool to sample your favorite color (the pipette icon on the left side of the screen). You can use this color for your stories’ backgrounds, the draw tool, or the text.

You may remove your color reference by pressing down on the image with your finger and lagging it to the bottom of the screen until the tiny trash can appears.

Include additional images in your instagram story

Your instagram story can now include other photos; this is how:

  • Employ Instagram’s “include from camera roll” sticker.
  • To initiate, tap the Instagram story sticker tray.
  • Choose any image from your camera roll, change the size, then place it wherever you like once you’re inside.
  • Tap the image to choose another shape from a circle, star, rectangle, and other options.
  • Copy and fasten an image from your camera roll after that.
  • Open a photo from your camera roll and choose “export” from the menu to get started.
  • After clicking “copy,” go to your Instagram story.
  • Double-tap the screen to reveal the “paste” option.
  • That’s all there is to it; your narrative should now include the image you previously copied. Repeat this process for as many photographs as you like.

It can create Boomerangs from live photos

You can create entertaining boomerangs from live images. Slide up while viewing Instagram Stories to choose a live photo from your camera roll (suitable images will display the boomerang icon). Once you’ve chosen, keep your finger on the screen briefly until the word “boomerang” indicates. Your shot has changed into a boomerang at this point.

Make videos that are exactly the right length for Instagram stories

A photo you’ve contributed to your Instagram story will play for five seconds. The length of any videos you upload for Instagram stories is 15 seconds. Longer movies can still be shared on Instagram Stories, though. Your video will be split into segments of 15 seconds each if it is longer than 15 seconds. You must add more components (GIFs, stickers, and text) to each piece).

Offers numerous response options for a single story

Instagram businesses love the question sticker for stories, but there is one restriction: you can only reply with one question sticker per story. Sharing several comments on a single account can be done quickly. Make a story first, then put a sticker with a response to your inquiry. Take a screenshot or save the image, then exit the narrative.

You may make a second story by opening that screenshot and adding a different question sticker response. Continue doing this until you have numerous question stickers on a single article.

You may add thousands of GIFs to your Instagram stories to spice them up

It can be challenging to identify solid selections because there are so many. Here are some of our go-to search terms for the finest Instagram story GIFs in the app:

Later Gif (exclusive GIFs from later)

  • The ordinary place
  • Happy
  • Studio onesie
  • Reprint
  • Gladdest
  • much able

Add a GIF background in create mode

GIPHY and Instagram’s collaboration has been a massive success for consumers and companies. To add a GIF background to your Instagram story, select the “Create” option and the “GIF” tab by pressing the letters sign on the camera screen for Instagram Stories. You can now browse through a vast selection of humorous GIFs. Stacking or full-length displays depend on their aspect ratio.

It is a great way to share content with your audience if you’re short on fresh material.

Use ImgPlay to create an animated GIF

Look no further if you’ve been trying to figure out how to make entertaining GIF videos for Instagram stories. With the ImgPlay software, you may choose various images for a custom looping GIF. Download the app, select a source for your GIf (pictures or a video), and then touch “create” to get started.

Using the icons on the bottom bar, you may modify your GIF after you’ve produced it by altering the playback speed and duration and adding text, filters, and other elements. Upload your fresh GIF to Instagram stories after you’re done.

How to change the background color of the question box on IG story?

One of the most intriguing features to be added to the platform recently is Instagram stories. This feature stands out for its adaptability and the growing number of offered functions. One of its attractions is the capability to post questions and solicit responses from the community. The engagement between accounts can be significantly increased by incorporating the responses received into new stories. Do you wish to learn how to create unique backdrops for such answers while submitting them? Let us explain it to you.

If you want additional color choices

The first approach to alter the color of the question box sticker is to:

  • Launch Instagram stories
  • Choose “sticker” by tapping it.
  • The question box option
  • To alter the color of the question sticker, select the “color wheel” option at the top of your screen.

How to alter the color of the question box in an instagram story?

Would you like to use any color? To match your style or the colors of your brand? Here’s how to modify the Instagram story question box’s color:

  • Lunch Instagram stories
  • Click “create.”
  • Choose “question” from the menu.
  • The backdrop image or video
  • At the bottom of your screen, tap the color you wish.
  • Hold a color down while holding your finger down to activate the entire color palette.
  • The “eye-dropper” tool can choose a color from an image’s background.

How to use instagram questions sticker background?

Question stickers allow users to react to whatever they like, unlike poll stickers, which require followers to select from a list of possibilities. You may learn how to utilize the Instagram stories questions stickers in the following steps and how to view the comments left on your story and repost a comment with your response. Following are the step to use stickers

  • Step: 1 To access the story, open the Instagram app and tap the camera icon in the top-left corner. Next, either take a fresh photo or upload one from your gallery. At the top, tap the ticker symbol.
  • Step: 2 To add the question stickers to your tale, touch on it in the sticker collection. A box with “ask me a question” will appear for you.
  • Step: 3 You’re good to go if you want others to start asking you questions at random. Tap the send to button to publish your story with this sticker; simply tap the send to the controller.

Why should you change the background color on your instagram story?

Instagram, one of many social media platforms, has grown to be one of the greatest and receives a tonne of traffic as a result of the popularity of social media. Every blogger wants to stand out and attract more readers and clicks. Are you concerned about the low click-through and visibility rates on instagram? It’s time to make some changes to your Instagram account so that it becomes more inventive and practical.

Starting with the color of your Instagram story background, you can modify it. You may learn how to alter the backdrop color of your Instagram story by reading the information provided below.

Increase click

With a monochromatic default background, it can be challenging to draw viewers to read your Instagram story due to the time constraints of the feature. Your Instagram story may be great with a bit of adjustment. You may make your Instagram story stand out and attract the attention of viewers who have swiped to the Instagram story by changing the default backdrop color of your tale.

Display more inventiveness

Let your followers and others who swipe to view this Instagram story know that you possess aesthetic sense and artistic imagination thanks to the beautiful hue of your narrative. Use your imagination to create a custom instagram story instead of adhering to the platform’s standard background color.

Changing the background color might help your Instagram story stand out in addition to being creative. Keep evolving and developing, and let your followers know how productive you are.


Record your video or snap a picture, and save it to your camera roll before sharing it on your Instagram story. This approach offers two significant benefits. Firstly, it keeps you more focused and less distracted by your phone when you need to be present. Secondly, it allows you to craft your Instagram stories with greater care and intention. By taking extra time, you can enhance your content with a witty headline, a border in your brand’s color, or well-placed text in sequence. These thoughtful additions make your stories not only more engaging but also more reflective of your brand’s identity.