What Does The X Mean On Snapchat? & Why It’s A Secret Mark Of Honor?

You are a Snapchat user and making streaks with your friends daily, and do you not know what this is? If you want to know about it, follow this article: What does the x mean on Snapchat?

Since its inauspicious beginnings as a photo-sharing app, Snapchat has gone a long way. The days of signing into the app to view the most offensive memes and images of your pals that would vanish before you ever considered screenshotting them are long gone. While sharing photographs that disappear in a matter of seconds is still possible with Snapchat, the app offers many more features. Users can send messages, play games, and upload snap tales that will remain on their profile for 24 hours. Although the program’s core functionality has not changed, Snapchat frequently introduces new updates that may be confusing.

Many users are already perplexed by Snapchat’s usage of emojis and features like Snapchat scoring. But the app persists in doing work to refine. While not all the app’s variations are welcome, most of these characteristics can be beneficial if you figure out what they are. If you’ve ever detected an X next to a personage Snapchat username and considered what it could mean, you’re not solitary. We did our research, so you don’t have to expose the meaning of the X.

Given how much activity there is on Snapchat, it is understandable that users frequently have queries about the functions of specific buttons and settings. The X that often shows next to Snapchat names perfectly illustrates this. On Snapchat, the Chat page displays a list of all your active conversations. A camera icon will appear next to someone’s name if you’ve recently received one of their photos. A chat symbol would appear in its place if you received a text message from them. But occasionally, an X appears instead of the chat and camera icons.

This article will deliver details about what does the x mean on Snapchat, what does the gray box mean on Snapchat, gray box on Snapchat but still friends, and different icons of messages on Snapchat.

What does the x mean on Snapchat?

There are a few potential explanations for why someone’s Snapchat name can have an X next to it. The most likely answer is also the most straightforward: they issued you a friend request, which you haven’t yet accepted. You may quickly determine if this is the case by clicking on the name. You can then receive or decline the friend request via a popup. Moreover, you can ban, report, or delete the entire discussion if you click the X. When you agree to the request, the X will vanish, and you can start snapping at once. There are some additional reasons you might be getting the X if you accepted the friend request.

Alternatively, a dark-gray X could indicate that someone has blocked or unfriended you. But before you assume the worst, remember that an X doesn’t always suggest that you’ve been blocked. The user may be in your phone contacts, but you haven’t added each other or exchanged snaps yet. Additionally, some users notice the X even though they have never exchanged shots with the other party. In the end, the X simply indicates that you are either not on each other’s friends list or have never communicated via the program. We hope this makes things more transparent so you may resume snapping joyfully. For further explanation, there is some indication due to which X appeared.

  • Pending friend request
  • Blocked
  • Friend removal

Pending friend request

If you scroll down and see a tiny gray X icon in place of the camera or a text icon in front of their name, that might be the cause. The person you made a friend request to likely hasn’t accepted it yet, so your request may still be pending. You haven’t yet accepted their friend request, but it may be the other way around. Two choices appear when you tap on their name. The first will be to approve the request, and the second will be to block or report.


The gray X may also indicate that you have been blocked by someone who will no longer have you on their contact list. If this happens, there is no other method to get in touch with them besides using another social networking site. You won’t be able to message them or view their stories or photos.

Friend removal

The ominous gray X showing up in front of your contacts is another effect of blocking or straight removal. It indicates that you have been directly removed from the person’s list of friends. Until they approve your request, you can still send them a friend request or a message, which will be marked as pending. You should disregard a contact if you see a gray X in your Snapchat contact list and move on.

What does the x mean on Snapchat?

The X on Snapchat might mean a lot of different things. The use you intend to make of it in text messages, snaps, etc., will determine how you use it. If it displays next to the user’s Snapchat name, it can imply that you have been blocked. They are no longer accessible, and you cannot send them texts, friend requests, or snaps. The individual who blocked you also won’t be able to send you snaps, view your photos, or text you. Another possibility is that the individual has removed you from their list of friends, which would explain why a gray X appears next to their name on Snapchat.

It’s also possible that you unfriended someone if a gray X shows in front of their snap chat name. Your Snapchat friends list no longer contains that person. It is ordinary to become troubled if an X with a gray backdrop emerges next to the Snapchat name of a discourse with a friend. You might think it a miracle that Snapchat’s character is now chased by an X alternatively of the standard camera-shaped pointer that seems to be next to conferences.

When you discuss with someone not on your friend list, an X will appear next to your Snapchat name. If you haven’t added the person to your friend list, a gray x will appear next to their Snapchat name in the conversation. You may haven’t added the individual above to your list of friends or sent them a friend request, but they denied it. Even if you might still talk to the person, you will miss out on several benefits if you are not on each other’s friends list.

X on Snapchat but still friends

If you check your friends list and notice that they have already been added yet still have an X next to their Snapchat name, it could mean several different things. First of all, if a user’s name on Snapchat has an X next to it and you have never spoken to them before, it’s possible that they have just added you to their friend list and you haven’t yet accepted it. Second, you and a friend have corresponded for some time but haven’t counted each other to your friend list.

When someone has been on your friend list for a while, and you urge them to join, You will also see an X next to their Snapchat name if they decide to decline your friend request. It hurts, but it is what it is.

What does the gray box mean on Snapchat?

Have you ever tried to send a Snapchat message and realized that your chat box is empty and gray rather than the usual blue color? It could be frustrating and perplexing. But relax, you’re not by yourself! This post will explain what the Snapchat empty gray chat box signifies and how to fix the problem. There are several possible meanings for the open gray chat box. It simply indicates that, for whatever reason, the recipient of your message hasn’t received it.

The person you’re attempting to message has blocked you or hasn’t accepted your friend request. Sometimes, there can also be a problem with your device or the Snapchat app. We’ve got you covered.


Whether because the other person hasn’t accepted your friend request, they’ve blocked you, or there’s a problem with the app or your device. So let’s investigate and discover the cause of your dark chat box. The following are some causes;

  • Cause#1 Friend request cannot be accepted
  • Cause#2 Person has blocked you
  • Cause#3 Issue with the app or device

Cause#1 Friend request cannot be accepted

The chat box will be gray and empty if the person you are trying to communicate with has not yet accepted your friend request. It is because sending a Snapchat message to someone requires friendship. To find out if someone has received your friend request, go to the “Friends” tab and search for their name. They will appear under “My Friends” if they have accepted your request. Their name will be placed under “Pending” if they have not yet received your request.

Cause#2 Person has blocked you

There’s also a chance that they’ve blocked you. The chat box will remain empty and gray if the person has blocked you, and you won’t be able to send or receive messages from them. You will receive a notification that reads, “This person isn’t available right now,” if you attempt to message someone who has blocked you. You might try sending someone a message to see whether you receive the “This person isn’t available right now” notification if you believe they have blocked you but are unsure.

Cause#3 Issue with the app or device

The Snapchat app and your device may have some issue that results in a gray chat box. Restarting Snapchat and your device may fix your chat box issues if you have a problem using the chat aspect.

How to avoid a gray chat box?

How to balance the gray chat box issue? Instantly that we’ve covered. Let’s talk about some hints for avoiding it in the future.


The first hint is to send friend requests to people you know and have confidence. If you send friend requests to people you don’t know or with whom you don’t have a good relationship, they may not accept your solicitation or even block you.


Another advice is to respect other people’s privacy and refrain from attempting to message or add them without their permission. If you’re trying to message someone you don’t know or just met, it’s crucial. You risk being blocked if you attempt to message someone without their consent.


Finally, to maintain optimal performance, keep your app and device updated. It’s critical to keep your app and device updated to benefit from Snapchat’s regular upgrades that address issues and enhance performance.

Gray box on Snapchat but still friends

A gray box on someone’s Snapchat profile indicates that you are still friends. You may have sent someone a Snapchat if the gray “pending” arrow appears next to the name of the person you did not add as a friend. Even if you click on their name or go to their profile, the notification “Delete friend” will remain next to them.

There have been some reports that this is occasionally a bug. On Snapchat, if the chat box or arrow is gray, it likely signifies that you are not a friend. You may still delete or unfriend someone from Snapchat even if you tap on their name while they are still friends. It might also imply that they occasionally set it to “friends only,” allowing anyone to get in touch with them but not necessarily doing so directly.

On Snapchat, if someone has a gray X next to their name, it implies the person they were friends with has blocked them. The gray X will change into a yellow heart if the two are still friends. You may have sent a Snapchat to a stranger if you see a gray “pending” arrow. When you go to their profile or click the down arrow next to their name, you can delete them even though the “Delete friend” option is still available.

It has occasionally been referred to as a bug. Gray Snapchat arrows and chat boxes nearly always indicate that you are not friends. It is accurate even if you tap on their name to remove or delete someone from your Snapchat list. It also implies that, until recently, they only allowed friends to contact them, but now everyone is welcome to do so.

The X on Snapchat instead of the camera icon

American multimedia chat app and service Snapchat is a social media platform. Snap Inc creates this app. The fact that high-quality images and messages on the Snapchat app typically only remain accessible to their recipients for a brief period before disappearing is one of its key advantages. Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown invented Snapchat. Over the years, Snapchat has offered some incredible filters, and at the moment, the invisible filter is one of the most popular ones. Even though it’s hard to imagine, Snapchat’s social media platform never lacked any of the Snapchat filters it has today.

All you had to do was open the app, snap a photo, and send it to a friend. Snapchat didn’t include filters or lenses until 2015. Snapchat filters have only become crazier and more inventive since then. Snapchat’s social media filters are a quick way to demonstrate this. A filter may turn you blad, provide you with a king’s crown and flowing beard, transform you into a Despicable Me figure, and even become a frying egg, regardless of what you seek.


X instead of a camera on Snapchat PC

Over the years, Snapchat has offered some incredible filters, and at the moment, the invisible filter is one of the most popular ones. Even though it’s hard to imagine, Snapchat’s social media platform never lacked any of the Snapchat filters it has today. To cure this issue, follow some fixes.

  • Push the Snapchat Camera restart button erratically.
  • Delete Snapchat Camera cache files
  • Permit App Access
  • Webcam driver update
  • Reinstall Snapchat Camera with care

How can I remove the x symbol next to someone’s Name on Snapchat?

Depending on the circumstance, you may need to accept or reject someone’s friend request or send them a friend request to eliminate the X symbol next to their name on Snapchat. Until you get or reject the bid, an X will appear next to the other person’s chat name if they have already made a friend request.

You can remove the X mark if they haven’t friended you in one of two ways:

  • Delete their chat entirely.
  • Make a friend request for them.

Both solutions will remove the X from the person’s name, but one of them also uses your Snapchat account. If someone has blocked you on Snapchat, you can also request their unblocking. But since it’s not possible on Snapchat, you’ll have to do it on another social media network. Please comment below if you have any additional queries concerning Snapchat’s symbols, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


What the gray box and X on Snapchat mean was the main topic of discussion. Go through the guide above to find out what does the x mean on Snapchat. Snapchat is one of the finest methods to stay in touch with pals, even though its distinctive user interface might be a little complicated. Hopefully, this post has clarified some of the more perplexing features and symbols on Snapchat. Do you have any inquiries about the meanings of the various symbols on Snapchat? Tell us in the comments section below.

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