Top Reasons Why Graphic Designers Choose a Screen Extender for Laptop

If you are a graphic designer, you may be guilty of opening dozens of tabs in a single window. Do you want an easy solution to this problem? Buy a screen extender for laptop to work peacefully in a clutter-free manner.  

Screen extenders for laptops can be an excellent tool for designers, allowing them to add more screen space to their work desks. Designers can efficiently work on multiple projects by connecting an extra display to their laptops. In addition, they can view more detailed previews of their work.

Above all, screen extenders reduce eye strain, as you don’t have to constantly move your eyes from one part of the screen to another. Buying a Trio screen extender for laptop from Mobile Pixels can make your work life easier. This beautiful and functional laptop extender screen can particularly benefit those working with smaller laptop screens.

Let’s find out what makes these devices a must-have addition to every designer’s workspace. 


What are the Benefits Of Using Screen Extenders for Laptops for Graphic Designers?

Graphic designers create stunning visual concepts to communicate inspiring ideas for capturing a target audience. These professionals create meaningful designs for various online and offline mediums such as websites, magazines, brochures, advertisements, newspapers, etc.

They also use various design elements to accomplish artistic or decorative goals. They usually experiment with different types of typography, visual arts, and page layout techniques to create an impressive graphic design. In addition, these professionals are responsible for creating a company’s brand identity, which reflects in the company’s logo, website, and other marketing materials.

These professionals must understand color theory, layout, typography, and printing techniques and have an eye for detail. A high-quality screen extender can support all these things, helping a graphic designer deliver stunning results.

Here are some of the benefits graphic designers can accomplish with a screen extender for laptop.

More Viewing Space

One of the most apparent advantages of using a laptop screen extender is that it gives more viewing space. That’s a blessing for designers who often have to view multiple design elements at once or work with large images and files.

Increased Productivity

Designers can be more productive with more space to work with as they don’t need to switch between applications or resize windows constantly.

More Comfort

It’s common for these professionals to work for longer hours. However, screen extenders add more comfort by positioning the laptop at a more ergonomic angle. Hence, you can reduce the strain on your eyes, neck, and back area.


Since these portable monitors are compact and lightweight, graphic designers can easily carry them around. That also makes it easier for them to share different ideas with different teams.

High-Resolution Display

Graphic designers need high-resolution monitors for viewing and editing their designs accurately. High-resolution extender screens for laptop can provide a sharper and more accurate display of all images, which allows for more precise color matching, edge detection, and other similar tasks.

More Clarity

The latest laptop screen extender products provide a sharper and clearer display. That’s because they use a different display technology. This can be particularly beneficial for graphic designers who need to work with high-resolution images to work on intricate details.

Better Focus

A laptop screen extender can help graphic designers focus on their work projects, as they can view all details simultaneously. They won’t have to switch between multiple applications or windows, which means better focus and improved concentration.

Connectivity Options

Most laptop screen extenders have various connectivity options, such as HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB. That makes it easier for graphic designers to connect the extender screen to their laptops without hassle.

Final Thoughts

A productive work setup for a graphic designer is crucial for boosting productivity and guaranteeing excellent designs. We all know that professionals who must multitask or work on small details need multiple screens to view different documents or apps. That’s why choosing an extra monitor screen in addition to your laptop screen will result in better performance. In addition, the extra screen allows these professionals to visualize their work better and create appealing designs.


A graphic designer will need a computer with a large display. However, there is no need to clutter your workspace when you can add compact and lightweight monitors to your laptop screen. Adding one or two extra screens eliminates the need to open multiple tabs in a single window. Instead, buy a premium-quality portable monitor to boost your work projects quickly.