The Secret behind the Success of Thriving Self-Made Entrepreneur David Garcia Gonzalez

David Garcia Gonzalez is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, best-selling author, company investor, and influencer. He was born in the northern Spanish town Gijón and had a dire interest in languages and adventure. In the mid-90s, his passion drove him to move to the United Kingdom to study the language. Figuring out the right direction, David decided to take a Masters in Applied Translation Studies (specialization in legal translation) at the London Metropolitan University after completing a combined degree in linguistics, languages, and computing at Essex University. While completing his master’s, he realized that his interest in legal translation was not what he really wanted. 

In search of his true motive and direction, David started an online Masters in Audiovisual Translation at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. The program covered localization, dubbing, and subtitles. It was the first time David followed his heart and studied something with a genuine reason behind it. He had found his purpose. 

After completing his masters, David decided to roll up his sleeves and take a massive leap by opening his own localization firm, GoLocalise, a one-stop shop that provides translation and localization services. He had the goal to make his business stand out from the competing companies and maintain high-quality services all the time. Like every other startup, GoLocalise also witnessed many bumps on the road to success. But David had experienced the dynamics of localization so well that he knew exactly what he wanted from this business and how to turn it into a success. In less than fifteen years, GoLocalise strengthened its profile to over one thousand translators, subtitlers, and voiceover talents in more than one hundred languages. The business has a diverse client portfolio of four hundred clients from every field, including; production companies, e-learning businesses, blue-chip multinationals, and large translation companies. 

Summarizing his passion and life experiences, David’s best-selling book ‘Child-Biting, Chorizo And Chancing Your Arm’ shares the extraordinary story of his battles and struggles against all odds. The book reveals his undaunted journey of establishing a business in a foreign country and how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

David’s mission is to help entrepreneurs empower themselves and transform their businesses with confidence so that they can live a stress-free life and enjoy everything else along with their businesses. He has won many entrepreneurial awards from The Entrepreneurs’ Circle – a brainchild of serial entrepreneur

Nigel Botterill –  such as; The Entrepreneur of the Month, The National Entrepreneur of the Month, and The Most Inspiring Member. He also won the award of Outstanding Entrepreneur by The Global Business Excellence.